Fire and water

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

IC :

A tiny flame of a lamp fire can spread brightness,

A small heat from the fire, helps us roll out wonderful meals,

A  petite flash of fire on an insence stick, spreads fragrance,

A tiny spark is good enough to propel an engine.

But, a tiny spark neglected can turn ugly and disastrous.


Small amounts of water, quenches thirst,

Tiny tiny droplets of water, help us refresh,

Small  quantities of water, brings life into beings and plants,

Rivers and oceans flow perennially to contribute to our existence.

But, a tiny tremor under water can cause a Tsunami. Excessive incessant rains, Cyclones, tornado’s cloud bursts, we’ve seen the ill effects of all these furious forms of water.

Likewise, a human body also has elements of fire and water, and excess of either could burn us out or drown us in the deluge…the results of either could be disastrous. It’s always good to have and try to maintain a right balance of fire and water.

Keep the fire in us burning to drive us  towards our passion, to give us the dynamism and exuberance..

Keep our water element active by keeping cool, meditating, having compassion, practicing kindness, being ever grateful for what we have…

Have a blend of both, and it’s a perfect recipe, but in case of a clash of fire and water in your mind, give water the upper hand !!

Just an analogy, which came up while I thought about the prompt.Do let me know, what you feel. Would love to hear from you all.



22 thoughts on “Fire and water

  1. Deepika, you have brought out the simple remedy for balanced living in the simplest possible way i can think of..

    your reflection that says “Have a blend of both, and it’s a perfect recipe, but in case of a clash of fire and water in your mind, give water the upper hand !!”

    Yes, mam,agreed in Toto. that is why when an argument builds up, and anger flares up, we say”cool it man, cool it”

    My vote is for the above solution (watery!) is to cool it.

    It is of course my Personal Experience …….!!!!!!

    Dont believe me? then ask my better half.

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  2. Beautifully conveyed… Balance is what Buddha propagates as well..Neutrality is not desirous of any power…
    On a lighter note, too much of fire causes acidity… too much of water causes cold ;). So am I to give into cold??

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