When Mother Earth said # Me Too..


When the Axes started swinging and made contact with innocent,all caring, all providing trees, When there was massive deforestation world wide in the name of development, the homes of many living creatures were destroyed. They all cried and said # Me Too.., but we didn’t listen..we continued with our “progress”.

When the Glaciers started to melt for more than half a century due to rising temperatures, there was a loud shout out, #Me Too.., we didn’t pay heed.

When the rivers, seas and oceans were polluted with plastic and garbage, the water bodies, the marine creatures cried foul and said # Me Too..,we were too busy to hear their pleads for mercy.

The assault on the gigantic high mountain ranges are no exception to the cries of # Me Too..we ignored..

The water tables are continually depleting, and the water sources drying up, droughts hitting nations, crops failing, cries of # Me Too..playing loud, but we are all in the non audible zone to hear the cries of Mother Earth..

When the going became tough and beyond tolerance, the Mother took charge to unleash her fury in the form of devastating Tsunamis, cyclones, incessant rains in retaliation to the brutal assaults and abuses meted out to her by the human species in the name of constant development..but, when such natural calamities happen, we plead helplessness and become humble, and then they just become memories, till the next one happens…

I do hope the human “beings” wake up from the deep slumber to listen to the cries of Mother Earth and bring about an awakening within each individual and create a revolution to save our Mother.



Tantrum Queen

via Daily Prompt: Tantrum


Oh ! My little darling,

Just added 4 to her age,

Was yelling, crying and wailing,

Was in a fit of rage !

Fit of rage, Not for a toy, not for a crayon,

Not for a chocolate, and not for  pop corn,

But to put her shoe on, Which she couldn’t,

I tried to help, allow ? She just wouldn’t..

All through the car ride on the hills,

She threw tantrums with all her skills,

My attempts to calm her were inept,

The driver giving glances, challenging me on motherhood precepts.

Reaching the room, I tried the cartoon channel,

Tried to pacify her through the food funnel,

Simple splashes of water on her face, gave her the breather,

Respite writ large on my face, her hiatus was my biggest appeaser.




Fire and water

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

IC : Pixabay.com

A tiny flame of a lamp fire can spread brightness,

A small heat from the fire, helps us roll out wonderful meals,

A  petite flash of fire on an insence stick, spreads fragrance,

A tiny spark is good enough to propel an engine.

But, a tiny spark neglected can turn ugly and disastrous.


Small amounts of water, quenches thirst,

Tiny tiny droplets of water, help us refresh,

Small  quantities of water, brings life into beings and plants,

Rivers and oceans flow perennially to contribute to our existence.

But, a tiny tremor under water can cause a Tsunami. Excessive incessant rains, Cyclones, tornado’s cloud bursts, we’ve seen the ill effects of all these furious forms of water.

Likewise, a human body also has elements of fire and water, and excess of either could burn us out or drown us in the deluge…the results of either could be disastrous. It’s always good to have and try to maintain a right balance of fire and water.

Keep the fire in us burning to drive us  towards our passion, to give us the dynamism and exuberance..

Keep our water element active by keeping cool, meditating, having compassion, practicing kindness, being ever grateful for what we have…

Have a blend of both, and it’s a perfect recipe, but in case of a clash of fire and water in your mind, give water the upper hand !!

Just an analogy, which came up while I thought about the prompt.Do let me know, what you feel. Would love to hear from you all.