Chaos to peace..

Chaos to Peace for wordpress..

A whirlwind of thoughts,

Coming in different sizes, colors and hues,

Inflicting our heart and mind,

Confusion, disorder, chaos prevailing..

Leaving us in disturbed, stressful, and angry states of mind.

The onus is on us,

To dive deep within ourselves,

To tap into that untouched love, that peace and calm..

To put an order to the chaotic thoughts.


The Invisible Thief…

via Daily Prompt: Invisible

When our mind is still

And totally at peace,

When our mind is tranquil

And we are in a state of bliss,

The sole invisible thought enters as a thief

And gains access into our mind,

Creates waves and ripples to play havoc within,

It robs us of our peace and state of bliss,

Leaves us with a thirst in our mental abyss,

Our mind longing for inner peace,

But alas, everything we try is amiss..

We long to belong,

To the invisible energy,

We again begin to work our way,

Through the countless thoughts,

Which are now seated in our mental bay,

We have to come to terms with reality

And live our life with renewed tenacity,

Till we find our mental peace,

By driving away the invisible thief !!


Encrusted with negative thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


We are all on a beautiful journey out here on this beautiful planet. We’ve got our family, friends, well wishers and we are all walking along. On the way, we encounter certain beings or people who are on the same journey, but in an opposite direction. Or there may be certain people branching off from us, for obvious reasons, each bearing fruits of his or her journey experiencing their share of life.

Often times, during such a journey, we encounter hardships, face struggles and difficulties. We enter into squabbles, fights, disagreements and feed our mind and ego with the negative and “I am right” emotions. Our mind, our thoughts get encrusted with layers and layers of such emotions which we hold on to and refuse to let it go.

At the end of the road, we realize the futility of such feeds. It’s too late to go back and make amends. It is wise to work while we still have time. As a departed soul, we may be around our loved ones, but may be unable to communicate or show them our love. So love, while we can. Spread love and share love !!

Dear God

via Daily Prompt: Snippet

IC :

Dear God,

I face an obstacle in life,

I pray unto you to resolve it,

I wish to have faith and

I wish to surrender.


I have a problem.

I have a monkey mind,

Which makes my thoughts jump from one tree to another,

From a higher branch to a lower one,

I wish to tame it,


I have a problem.

I get caught in the whirlwind of thoughts,

I get caught in the willy-nilly of life,

I get stressed by the umpteen chores,

I try to meditate to catch them all,


I have a problem.

I fail to silence them all,

I take a few steps forward and fall,

I determine to do it once more, I make a resolve,

I will pray unto you, for you are above all.

Please show me my path,

Don’t let it be a one-way street,

Please share a glimpse or a snippet from my life with me,

Give me an indication,

Show me that my obstacles and problems

Are ‘Work In Progress’ at your workshop,

And please tell me, that you are always with me !!

Where’s my path ?

via Daily Prompt: Foggy


Some days are dull days. Nothing seems to go right. I miss an alarm – wake up late, rush to finish the chores, pack off kids to school in time for the bus, rush to exercise, rush to everything to be done…

Finally, I catch a breath to sit and relax only to realize, I have messed up acting on a message which required action. Phew…Ups and downs, brain clogged, mind foggy, vision poor, nothing is clear on how and where to proceed. But, dear life has to go on and I have to move on..

Am here, starting off writing my post and releasing endorphins and trying to feel good. Hopefully, this works 🙂

Fire and water

via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

IC :

A tiny flame of a lamp fire can spread brightness,

A small heat from the fire, helps us roll out wonderful meals,

A  petite flash of fire on an insence stick, spreads fragrance,

A tiny spark is good enough to propel an engine.

But, a tiny spark neglected can turn ugly and disastrous.


Small amounts of water, quenches thirst,

Tiny tiny droplets of water, help us refresh,

Small  quantities of water, brings life into beings and plants,

Rivers and oceans flow perennially to contribute to our existence.

But, a tiny tremor under water can cause a Tsunami. Excessive incessant rains, Cyclones, tornado’s cloud bursts, we’ve seen the ill effects of all these furious forms of water.

Likewise, a human body also has elements of fire and water, and excess of either could burn us out or drown us in the deluge…the results of either could be disastrous. It’s always good to have and try to maintain a right balance of fire and water.

Keep the fire in us burning to drive us  towards our passion, to give us the dynamism and exuberance..

Keep our water element active by keeping cool, meditating, having compassion, practicing kindness, being ever grateful for what we have…

Have a blend of both, and it’s a perfect recipe, but in case of a clash of fire and water in your mind, give water the upper hand !!

Just an analogy, which came up while I thought about the prompt.Do let me know, what you feel. Would love to hear from you all.



Little Minds.

via daily post : cringe

Every single day, parenting brings with it, it’s unique set of challenges. There is no set rule, if a child is behaving in manner ‘A’, then choose option ‘Z’. Each moment and each event is customized to suit your parenting style and depends on the behavior of your child.

The present day has so much stress circulating from all around – work, school, home. Each one passing the stress buck from one person to another, the child being the easiest target for most adults. Even playtime for kids has become stressful for children with the kind of bullies or bossy kids to deal with.

Competition, being so fierce, parents want kids to do well in all spheres, be it academics, sports, public speaking, art, music and what not..  At times, I dread to imagine, what must be going through their little minds, with so much pressure being applied on them. The curious little minds just cringe under the ever increasing constant pressure, to take shape of the parents requirements. You could well imagine your situation, when you are required to do something which you don’t want to do, but have to comply with it as it is an order from your boss, parents, in laws…We as adults, may have different mechanisms to deal with the same, but the dependent child, has to oblige, placing a stone on his/her heart..

I would like to hear from all parents, do you ever think or feel this way..

The Soul Spa..

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


Collaboration of mind, body and soul massages your soul. Gives you inner peace, invigorates your soul spirit and takes your life to a new dimension of living and being.

If your mind, body and soul are at peace, you have learnt the art of living. So indulge in the soul spa and bring integration, amalgamation and collaboration in them and to refresh rejuvenate !!

Life’s Canvas

via Daily Prompt: Pink


Our life is a canvas,

We create our own pictures,

Choosing varying hues and shades,

Black, whites, purples and grays.


Mix and Match, colors we spread,

Shades and colors, depicting our mind,

Vibrant red, golden hues,

Bright colors with some blues.


Black and white, contrasting strikes,

Attracts many with its vibes,

It’s inviting beauty, offering bribes,

Abstractness of life, that it describes.


Should it be blue, should it be pink,

The mind often, puts us on to think,

When we call for the Divine intervention,

Colors, create our life’s canvas to near perfection.