The Life Tree

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A tree begins it’s journey from a tiny seed. Sprouting from the seed is a life, which has the potential to go on to become a huge, gigantic and mammoth tree. With care and nurturing it grows into a tiny sapling, dancing and swaying to the tunes of the wind. With love and care, it grows slowly and steadily to leap towards the sky and mature into a huge tree, to bear edible fruits, to withstand the strong winds, provide shelter and stand tall to provide life to the creatures and beings on the soil.

I often feel, there is a huge connect between humans and the trees. If I could draw an analogy, it would read, the human tree of LIFE. The conception of a human life, germinating from a sperm and an egg (could be compared to that of a seed), a little child coming to life (a tiny sapling), with care and nurturing, growing to be an adult ( a mature tree experiencing life) experiencing many facets and branching to different directions, bearing off springs (tree bearing fruits), providing for children, parents financially and otherwise (trees providing food, shelter etc).

And one fine day, it’s time to bid adieu, after offering our services and taking care of our duties, we are off the list, to begin the journey into another sphere of life !!



19 thoughts on “The Life Tree

  1. A thought provoking blog..”to begin the journey into another sphere of life”… The tree carries in it the essence of the seed, the seed is still alive in the tree… though not visible to the discerning eye..
    Similar is the case with the humans…

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