How certain are you ?

Question Mark, Question, Mark, Sign


Dubious days and nights,

Dubious months and years,

Dubious is life and the flow of tears,

No patterns, to the flow of events,

No certainty, and nothing is clear.

We are living now and here,

Flowing down stream, clinging on,

To life so dear, living in constant fear.

Possessions, material and otherwise, we treasure,

Knowing not, when our end is near,

Dubious is life, enjoy every bit in this sphere,

For every being on this planet,

Has to face the end, far or near !!






21 thoughts on “How certain are you ?

  1. It is so strange that we treasure our valuables as if we will be dragging it into our afterlife. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. In the meanwhile, just enjoy all that we have and is given to us. Thank you for the reminder through this beautiful poem, Deepika.

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