Seven Days B & W Photos Challenge- Day 2

I was challenged by Beauty lies within yourself for a challenge of a ” Seven Days black and white photos of your life”. Thank you Tanvir for the nomination. Here is the picture for day 2 of the challenge.

No people.

No explanation

Just nominate new people every dayB&W4

I nominate Radhika from radhikasreflections for the 7 days black and white photo challenge.

3 thoughts on “Seven Days B & W Photos Challenge- Day 2

  1. The raging waves, and that too in black and white, somehow reminded me of the black and white movies that played on Sunday evenings in Doordarshan eons ago. Mother and me had spent many evenings watching Kannada movies in the pretext of improving my speaking skills. I never learnt to speak the language then but picked it
    up when travelling in the BMTC buses became a necessity.

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