via Daily Prompt: Desire


When we desire,

We aspire,

To reach higher,

To want more, and to acquire.

We raise our expectations,

We raise the bar,

We try hard to cross the bar,

But neither we reach, nor are we at par.

In one more page of life,

We are penning friction and strife,

We are sketching sadness,

In the lookout for happiness.

We think, happiness is elusive,

Looking for it in the outer,

Little do we realize,

It’s neatly stacked in the inner.

If you want to be in the good books of life,

Pen down contentment and peace,

Aim for desires, which you can reach with grace,

Satisfaction, happiness, you’ll surely find, with ease.


Picture courtesy : pixabay

13 thoughts on “Desire

  1. As much as the thirst for ‘more’ in us humans have brought the world this far with a ‘better’ life, it is man’s bane that the thirst for more only increases with every conquest, with every new invention, with every new discovery. This makes the human lose the core values of what humanity stands and we become ruthless and selfish as we rush to reach higher and higher.
    If ‘more’ has brought Earth and human race this far, it is bound to reach further but with prayrs that it does not be the sole reason for the downfall of humankind!

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      1. Trust me, it helps a great deal. I have felt myself relax and unwind when I go to my in-law’s place in Kerala, no internet, no FB, and you are totally cut off from the rest of the world. It is good for a change!

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      2. I agree, it must be a wonderful experience. Else, by force of habit, during a brief moment of “nothing to do”, we pick up the mobiles to check on the messages or updates, Instead of just relaxing šŸ˜—šŸ˜™

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  2. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    A true seeker never stops seeking till he EXPERIENCES what he is seeking. Each step in the path leads him to a higher state of experience. The joy one feels, the awareness of something new in the path of seeking is a divine gift.

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