Those days…


There are days in life,

When things just happen,

Thoughts just flow freely,

We feel satisfied and content,

Full of life, happiness and energy..


There are days, when we don’t need phones, gadgets or televisions,

The days when we can just hum and sing along for hours,

The days when we can cook a meal with all love flowing through..


The days when we practice compassion and gratitude,

The days we have oodles of patience to deal with the tantrums of our little children,

The days when we are able to put up with the whims and fancies of people around us,

The days when nothing can possibly trigger our anger  and irritation.


Those are the days, We meet our true self,

That’s the way we all are created,

That’s the way we are all meant to be.


So, lets adopt a simple smile,

Imbibe a little peace and calm,

Lets have a little laugh till our stomach hurts,

And lets keep the stress away for a while.


Lets all become a little aware,

And  put it into practice..

For a day might arrive,

We can just go with the flow of life,

Give ourselves another chance,

To dance and sway to life’s trance.


If Not..


If not, for the genuine tears that flow, who would care for the emotions,

If not, for the melancholy of grief, who would appreciate happiness,

If not, for the baffling complexities, who would recognize simplicity,

If not, for the hunger of needs, who would enjoy the cuisines of existence,

If not, for the bitter hatred, who would cherish the unconditional love,

If not, for death, who would care for the gift of invaluable life,

If not, for the deep desire of the soul within, who would care for the experiences !!


If everything we got or had would last forever, how would the quality of life be?

We enjoy life, because of the polarities that exist, which makes us strive for and also appreciate our blessings.

The above written post is one of my random ramblings, do feel free to share your thoughts..

A bagful of love.

via Daily Prompt: Precipice


When you are at the fag end of life,

Looking back at your life, when you realize,

Oh ! I had a bag, full of love, Which I could have showered on my loved ones,

I had a bag, full of happiness, which I could have shared with people,

I had a bag, full of kindness and compassion, which I could have given to the needy,

I had a bag, full of gratitude, which I could have been grateful for.

These were the qualities which were packed within me, and which got buried deep within my heart forever…

Instead, what I chose to use was, all those qualities, which I picked up during the course of my life. Now I remember, my creator had forbidden me from using them – anger, hatred, jealousy. I got so carried away, I became greedy, wanted more money, got attached to things and ignored people.

I always had ample of love, kindness, compassion…I could have.. If only I had some time to live, I would shower it on the people who loved me and cared for me…

If you are reading this and  have a bagful of love, please shower it, before it’s too late, before you are hanging from the  precipice of life…


via Daily Prompt: Desire


When we desire,

We aspire,

To reach higher,

To want more, and to acquire.

We raise our expectations,

We raise the bar,

We try hard to cross the bar,

But neither we reach, nor are we at par.

In one more page of life,

We are penning friction and strife,

We are sketching sadness,

In the lookout for happiness.

We think, happiness is elusive,

Looking for it in the outer,

Little do we realize,

It’s neatly stacked in the inner.

If you want to be in the good books of life,

Pen down contentment and peace,

Aim for desires, which you can reach with grace,

Satisfaction, happiness, you’ll surely find, with ease.


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via Daily Prompt: Arid


Life is a mix of people and people are a mix of emotions. Happy, sad, bubbly, angry, selfish…

There are a few people though, who are emotionless – arid..People who are  in a vacuum of positive emotions – they are drained out. Drained out of love, happiness, cheer and joy. They only harness emotions of negativity like anger, hatred, jealousy and selfishness. They fail to enjoy the small joys of life around them. They are in a cocoon and that’s their life. In a world full of bright light, they know not, what sunshine is 😦




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via Daily Prompt: Oversight


I went on a long drive, thinking, I would find what I was longing for. I went to shops, went to malls, went far and near..

Went to beaches, went to oceans, covered every inch of land, tried aiming high to reach the sky to fly high, tried gazing at the star lit night sky, but soon figured out, what I got out of all this was short lived…my search continued…

Went to places of worships, went to friends, renewed friendships, the moment I got back to work, the overwork, the stress, the frustrations managed to  wash off, all that I had got…..

Oh, all of these were so temporary, getting a bit restless, I just sat disappointed, silent and all by myself..

As I took a few deep breaths, and waves of oxygen dashed in, calm and peaceful I felt. It was then that I realized, Oh !!  I  was looking for what I wanted, all around, in different places, where it was not.

All I needed, was all that I had. It was all within  – the happiness, peace, joy, contentment, all of them.

I thought to myself, oh ! what an oversight. I carried it within me, and looked for it everywhere !!