Do we actually converse ??

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We are in the “e generation” where most of our conversations happen the “e” way.

We converse, with our many counterparts, all around the world, using the various electronic gadgets, we have access to. Phones, which were once meant only as a means of communication, have today become a “smart phone”, in the real sense, as it has made us “dumb”slaves and almost taken control of our lives.

“Tablets”, which were once meant to be medicinal tablets, have now become a gadget, one for each member of the family, which takes care of entire entertainment needs of the family from games to movies to epics to serials.. I could go on about the various gadgets available today and write more about it.

The point of irony is,

Conversations happen today, when you are driving down alone in a car. Hands free, wireless bluetooth headphones, and you are on. When I look at people talking thus, I really find it funny. No one by your side, you are bringing out all expressions of anger, frustration…trying to convince or prove a point to the person at the other end.  Or you are smiling to yourself. When you do actually have a person sitting beside you on a drive, the drive is pretty much silent with a backgound music score for company, and a few statements around that.


Conversations happen today, on various chats and applications. There is no open communication. The FYIs, LOLs ,ROFLs, Tc, TTYLs, have hijacked our language at the EOD. The youngsters of today, talk in such lingo, even at home. Mom, you know what, A big LOL happened in school today !!

The meaning of having a decent communication with your neighbor or a meaningful conversation with family, visiting family and friends, has got washed away in the wave of the “e generation”.




33 thoughts on “Do we actually converse ??

  1. This is so true and it’s a common sight these days where people sitting together doing breakfast or dinner will be gazing at there mobiles and not each other. Birthdays and festivals all are celebrated online, even if one has to greet a person sitting beside him/her, they would first prefer to greet on social media. Pics again are click for posting on social media nad not for memories. Lives these days are so much ruled and guided by this “e-phobia” taht the true bonding of relations is fading away fast in this digital age.

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  2. You’ve raised such a pertinent point here. We don’t converse anymore like we should. We only do timepass with people in the name of conversations when our gadgets fil to keep us engaged. Its sad to see that in the age of social media connectivity, we are losing sight of what’s ‘social’. Fabulous read!

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  3. When I was living in Mumbai, few of my close friends and me made it a point to meet every second Saturday afternoon. The venue was almost always my place. The rules were very simple — everyone bring snacks and switch off or keep the phone in silent. We will spend the afternoon talking, listening to music, watching a movie, or playing some board games. But mostly it was talk talk talk and it was so much fun! I am slowly trying to re-create this in my current city of residence. Hopefully it will happen. 🙂 Btw, yours is the second post am stumbling upon today that brought back memories of my Mumbai days. So, thank you for that!


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