Fone Free Sunday #3


Well, It’s really not that difficult after all. An entire sunday without the phone, I actually, have started enjoying..

I started off, by cooking a chinese meal, which was relished by all.

Played/made a jigsaw puzzle with my daughter

And was just to myself and chitchatting with my family.

I feel relaxed and rejuvenated, feeling good, at peace with myself. Probably, being by myself, in silence, without the phone, did the trick.

Thanks to all who joined. Please do post about your day.

Pradita, waiting for your post.


25 thoughts on “Fone Free Sunday #3

  1. Yay! Deepika… we did it. For three months in succession no less. That is a bona fide achievement 😀 😀 I love Chinese food too, and we Indians have given such an amazing chatpata twist to it 😀 😀 Glad to know that you could find peace and quiet to enjoy the day. Hope we have more people joining this initiative that you started. Have a great day 🙂

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  2. Good going…And a positive habit forming practice.
    I can manage without the Smart phone…I would say… as I am not too much of a phone freak 😉
    Taking this a step forward… would anyone be upto the challenge of a TV free Sunday or a Computer free Sunday??? Views invited…

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  3. How ironic Deepika,! How much we ran around, , sweated and struggled to get a BSNL dial telephone way back in 1900s.What excitement, what eagerness to run to pick up the phone at the first ring!
    I suppose life is, wishes fulfilled, dreams realised, toys played with, are times gone by!

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    1. Yes, yes..I remember the thrill of getting a landline phone at home…😊😊😊
      Like you said, now that phones are available in plenty, it’s time to get off it and probably look for the next new toy 😉😉


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