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I’m sure most of you wake up to forwards and good morning messages on Whatsapp or the like. When I read today’s word for daily prompt, the one thought that crossed my mind was Almighty, as he would always want his children to shine. I just tried to take my wonderment to the next level to see and feel how would it be to wake up to a good morning message from God. It goes thus..


Golden rays of the morning sun,

Shimmering in the horizon,

Kissing the soft blue sky,

Inspiring you to rise high.


Spreading the rays of hope,

Despite despair and failures don’t mope,

Teaching you to get up after every fall,

Rising high again, to stand up tall.


My children, rise up like the big bright sun,

It’s My positive light for each and everyone,

Cleanse your soul and spirit with this light,

I will shine within you in the form of golden light.





Image courtesy : Pixabay


18 thoughts on “Shine

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    A stotra to the God.

    There are thousands of stotras written by our ancestors in Sanskrit.

    A stotra can be called a hymn in English, with praise of God or Goddess. It sings the virtue, the power, the beauty and invokes the blessings of the supreme source of energy.

    Your stanzas on “shine” is dedicated to the “Sun God” in all his splendour and radiance.

    The earlier stotras were written in sanskrit as it was the vogue.. Now it as been replaced by English.

    “Shine” rises to the occasion as a devotional stotra , may be with or without your intention.

    For me it has all the virtues, grandeur, and devotion dedicated to God and is a radiant prayer.

    Be blessed

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    1. I cannot just say a mere thank you here. You have showered on me such virtuous praise. I take this as a humble offering to the almighty. If it could touch one heart anywhere in the world, I would consider myself blessed.


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