I wish, I could be a child again..


I wish, I could be a child again..

Reminiscing my childhood domain,

Fun, laughter, frolic and sweet pain,

I wish, I could relive those moments again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

Friendly chatter, pleasant and innocent banter,

Simple jokes, belly hurting laughter,

A small radio or a mobile transistor,

Ever satiating our recreational hunger..

I wish I could go back in memory lane,

Oh, how I wish, I could be a child again.

Chasing dreams of flying a plane,

Or even thinking of driving “BIG” trains,

Going up and down in the lifts, over and again,

I wish, I could grow up once again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again !

No fancy toys, just games insane,

Be it sunshine, wind or rains,

Floating paper boats, in puddles of water in lanes,

I wish, my present, were as simple and plain,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

No phone ring-ring, no remotes for channel surfing,

No laptops, I-pads or mobiles for time passing,

We delved in our confused thoughts, curious minds tossing,

Taking us to the crossroads of life without an idea or inkling,

I wish, I could continue with the “NO STRESS” chain,

I wish I could be a child again !


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My ‘TOY’ grandchildren

via Daily Prompt: Bestow


I enjoy and literally love to see my little one playing with her soft toys. She has bestowed upon herself the title of motherhood (at about 6 years of age) – she calls herself the mother, and her toys as her babies. She has named them, cuddles up to them, teaches them good values and even her lessons. If at all I tell her to remove her toys and keep it at a proper place, she gets wild..she says, “Mom, they are my babies, don’t call them toys”…

My ventriloquism skills are put to test when I have to cheer her up with the help of her babies, as they talk to her to get her into a good mood.

Above all, I feel I should be in the Guinness book of world records for being the youngest grand mom šŸ™‚

If only, I could,Ā  I would have captured this age and these moments for ever !!

Musings of a little boy..

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


With a quiver in the voice,

And a tremble in theĀ hand,

The child heldĀ the report card.

Head hung low,

Fearing a blow,

Of the punishments to follow.

Knowing Mom would be upset,

For his memories with numbers could not be kept,

Where three plus three is six,

And three times three is nine,

It just confuses the little brain of mine.

Science, English all alike,

The little boy did not like,

He wanted to enjoy and play,

With all the toys and the clay.

But, toys were replaced with books,

Playgrounds were replaced with class rooms,

Where football and basketball had no room.


I thought, at least I might be able to play in the evenings,

But teachers dumped us with homework,

And gave a deadline to complete the work.

Evening play was now impossible,

Life becameĀ like a game of scrabble,

Ups and downs, connecting the numbers and words,

My report cards always need to have a high score.



Let meĀ enjoy my childhood, Mom

Let me laugh and let me sway,

The world is a beautiful place to stay,

Don’t ask me to skip my play,

I don’t know if I’ll be a Newton or Einstein

But, for sure, I’ll be a good Samaritan.






Image courtesy clipartkid.com/Pixabay.com