My thoughts..

Sometimes, my thoughts translate into blurbs,. A part of my vocabulary, spills out,. Breaking out into a piece of prose or a an imaginative poetry….

Sometimes, my thoughts translate into action,. A part of me, performs some deeds,. Adding to my list of Karma, good or bad….

Sometimes, my thoughts translate into words,. A part of me, voices the thoughts into words,. Making it a part of my language…

Sometimes, I realise whatever I do,. Is totally in me, in my control, My writings, my actions, my language are mine, they are all just mine and I can choose them all…

My thoughts can take me on a long drive into the future,. Or they can rewind and play scenes from my past,. But I can choose the road to take or the film to watch, now and this moment, today..

A realisation dawned, and hopefully, will be fulfilled too 😊


Am I Good Enough?

Mesmerizing, scintillating, tranquilizing beautiful I am, thought the rose…

As she looked into her reflection with delight,

A seed of doubt crept into her, and sent it a little root,

Am I good enough, Am I right??

The rose wandered with these thoughts and thought….

Maybe, I should’ve been small and fragrant like a Jasmine,

But a Jasmine is very tender and delicate,

Or maybe, vast like a Lotus,

But Lotus grows in the muck,

Maybe, I shouldn’t have had thorns,

Or maybe, I should’ve been designed differently,

Then  people would’ve liked and adorned me..

Am I good enough, am I right?


As she was wandering in the garden heartbroken,

Feeling miserable and forsaken,

She met the calm and serene, blissful chrysanthemum,

Merry and gay, on the way to the sanctorum,

Who paved the way for her dear friend rose, telling her,

Be the beauty that you are, for that is what you are meant to be,

Do not tend to the seed of doubt, for it steals the true self you ought to be,

And whatever be the path you take, dear friend,

We shall all meet at His Feet, in the END !!

I am good enough, I am right !!


In life, we often tend to play the game of looking good and get stressed, no end, until we find a friend, guide, teacher who steers us in the right path. An attempt to portray the same.


A tribute ..


You showed up every day,

You lingered in my thoughts,

You walked me through the memory lanes,

You helped me pick my thoughts,

You chose an assorted bouquet of smiles and experiences for me, from my past,

You took me on a journey of ups and downs, tiny and vast,

You were the trigger for my writing,

You were the one to take my posts globe trotting,

Now, I go down the memory lane on my own accord,

And I realize, in the absence of your hand holding,

That I miss you and the ‘word prompt’ meetings with you,

Oh ! DAILY POST, I enjoyed my amazing journey with you,

And wish and hope to see you soon and begin a new journey with you !!

Where do your thoughts lead you ?

via Daily Prompt: Inchoate



Thoughts often define the nature or personality of a person..They have the capacity to make us or break us. Thoughts haul the engines of our minds and they drag us in a constant, unhindered direction of negativity or if we happen to be fortunate, in the direction of the positive..

If we do not churn the negative thoughts out, they turn toxic and become frigid and often get fastened and attached to our systems, they drive us in one dimension of negativity, with the blinkers on..

So it is up to us to nurture the inchoate thoughts and to explore the radiant and vibrant ‘SELF’. We ought to break the shackles of being stuck and move out to feel the freshness of life beyond the walls of our self constructed castles..


Encrusted with negative thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


We are all on a beautiful journey out here on this beautiful planet. We’ve got our family, friends, well wishers and we are all walking along. On the way, we encounter certain beings or people who are on the same journey, but in an opposite direction. Or there may be certain people branching off from us, for obvious reasons, each bearing fruits of his or her journey experiencing their share of life.

Often times, during such a journey, we encounter hardships, face struggles and difficulties. We enter into squabbles, fights, disagreements and feed our mind and ego with the negative and “I am right” emotions. Our mind, our thoughts get encrusted with layers and layers of such emotions which we hold on to and refuse to let it go.

At the end of the road, we realize the futility of such feeds. It’s too late to go back and make amends. It is wise to work while we still have time. As a departed soul, we may be around our loved ones, but may be unable to communicate or show them our love. So love, while we can. Spread love and share love !!

Emotional Roller Coaster

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Some days, we ride high on our emotions,

We are on the verge of a euphoric intoxication,

Yet some other day, we are stifled,

By our very own thoughts and emotions,

Dragging us on to the point of asphyxiation.

Suffocating thoughts, contaminating the globe,

People suppressing emotions, choking and bringing life to a close,

It’s a violation of rules and almighty’s codes,

We are the ignorant beings, witness to the various fearful roles.

Let us all pledge to observe the basic dictum of humanity,

Let us not abuse or harm one another by acts of cruelty,

Practicing kindness, compassion, affection, warmth and benignity,

Will take us close to love, peace, and amiability !!

The beautiful maiden..

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


A beautiful maiden, strolling in the garden,

Amid the creators brilliant creations,

Admiring the beauty of dahlias and carnations,

Amid humming insects and chirping birds,

Lying on the lap of Mother Earth,

Under the vast expanse of the calm blue sky,

Covered with a blanket of soft white floating clouds.

Drifting in  pure natural bliss, she had to let go of her short lived blissful elation,

Slipping in a chain of thoughts funneling  down into the dark abyss of her mind,

As she recalled the pain and agony of losing someone she really loved,

Her big grey eyes, forlorn with unfathomable emotion,

Continuing with the turmoil of life, which was far from a peaceful completion,

Her spirit and soul had been tattered,

The inner peace was all that mattered,

She prayed to Mother Earth, to embrace her with open arms,

As it would put an end to all her uneasy qualms !!




Nest your thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Nest


It’s human tendency to look smart, by giving a witty reply, by being the first one to reply to a question posed to a huge audience, by posting a smart comment on a message. We all just want to talk, without even listening to the whole conversation, thus showing our knowledge about the topic. All of this makes us feel smart, important and probably gives us a chance to gain acceptance in our peer group or society.

I’m sure, all of us have been through these situations in the day to day life experiences. The urge to outsmart others, often lands us in embarrassing situations, or putting our foot in our own mouth.

We could overcome this, by becoming aware of this. As information in the form of spoken words, thoughts enter our mind, we try and nest the thoughts. We allow the information, thoughts to rest within, seep in and sit a while in our system. We think and ponder about it and then act on it, unless, it’s a quiz question on the buzzer round :).

I like to visually think of myself as a tree. Arms stretched out up in the air, receiving and accepting life’s experiences. Assimilating and physically experiencing it and letting go of all that is not required, into the earth through the strong roots growing from my feet !!

I have observed, when I practice this, I often avoid confrontation with family, domestic helps, at work…It gives me time to chew the cud and take the essence of the point. And when I do think about it for some time, often things get clear and sorted out on their own without having to show an extreme reaction, anger, irritation. And, things which do not actually matter, often dies down, on its own. Yes, there are things which happen, where I am still a sapling and I do sway with the goings on and react, but I am aware and do display “work in progress” in that zone.

It’s a long drawn process, which takes time, but do try it out and let me know if it works!!

Floodgates of thoughts..

via Daily Prompt: Gate


When we are standing in front of a gate, there are always two options, entry or exit, depending on which side of the gate we are on.

Similarly, our mind, is a gateway to the flow of thoughts. There are some which are entering, some which are exiting. We are in a position to control them at times, and at times, we just get sucked into a whirlwind of thoughts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we were the guards, to our thoughts? Exit gate open to all negative, stressful and disturbing thoughts and entry gates open to all thoughts coated with positivity, energy  and relaxation. Yes, I know, if it were this simple, I wouldn’t be writing this today 🙂

It seems difficult, but doable.To calm down the flurry of thoughts, which sometimes arrive as though the floodgates have been opened, just watch them, observe them and with due respect, show them the exit gate. Do not give them “food for thought”, for then they are guests who will stay on…I’ve been trying this out for some time now, and it definitely does seem to work and helps in dismissing them !!