Where am “I” ??

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I dive deep within, Trying to find myself, But alas, I have gone missing..

I try to swim, with the tides and against the tides, In the depths of the minds ocean, Trying hard, to find an anchor, But alas, can’t find any..

Feeling frustrated and annoyed, I try to let them out, by shedding some emotional tears, But alas, the tears fail me..

Deep within, drowning, Looking for help, I try hard to find ‘me’, I spread my hand, For someone to hold me, guide me… But alas, A deep vacuum awaits, and greets me with open arms, And my pursuit to find ‘ME’, Continues…..

Where am “I”??


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Someplace, far away,

Under the soft blanket of the blissful blue sky,

Where there are no tears, no sorrows,

No fears, no stress, no hurry for tomorrow

I would like to stay and truly live my life..

Under the soft blanket of the blissful blue sky,

Where there is compassion and love,

Where there is a treasure chest of goodness to shove,

Where there are rains of peace and harmony from above,

I would like to stay and truly live my life..

Under the soft blanket of the blissful blue sky,

Where I could take a flight in the unchartered universe,

Where I could flutter around gathering the nectar from the life’s deep caverns,

Where I could be myself, without being torn apart playing different roles,

I would like to stay and truly live my life..

Under the soft blanket of the blissful blue sky…

Someplace, far away…


Where does it hurt?


Why do we feel hurt,

By words someone has spoken…

Where do we feel it and where does it pain??

Where do the tears flow from ??

The wounds and the scars of the older wounds aching and hurting,

Are intensely etched and ingrained,

Somewhere in the deep crevices of our being…

The words are spoken arrows,

Hitting the target of the concentric circles, of the emotional dart board,

Bringing out the hidden emotions of anger, sadness and frustrations to the brink,

To ooze out of us.

We demand an apology, and rightly so..

Lest, to satisfy our ego,

But, my dear friends, Do you think that’s the way to go??

Apology, is a must,

Not from the person who shot arrows of words on us,

But from ourselves to US,

For having suppressed the emotion within and for blaming it outside of us.

A big shout out of Thank You to the person who speaks thus,

To help trigger the release of emotion buried within us,

To bring about the emotional upheaval from within,

To facilitate our true healing !!


When I experience…

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent



When I shed tears, I cry,

I know I can be emotional,

When I am silent, I listen,

I listen to hear the sounds within and out of me,

When I shut my eyes, I see,

I see to visualize the vast possibility that exists within me,

When I have expectations, I judge,

I understand I can be judgmental,

When I make mistakes, I learn,

I comprehend and gain experience,

When I experience, I love,

When I love, I live,

I live life and spread energy and warmth,

From the luminescent light of the infinite source !!

Come Back…

via Daily Prompt: Betrayed










You entered my womb,

I carried you,

You entered the world

And I nurtured you,

You brought love and smiles,

And I learnt from you,

You were my joy and my life..

Just when I thought, all is well,

You left me high and dry and went far away,

Reaching for you and looking up in the sky,

I’ve forgotten to breathe, I’ve forgotten to live,

My throat is parched,

And I’ve exhausted my tears,

A few months gone by, I feel it’s years,

I feel betrayed, I feel isolated in the midst of people,

Come back, my dear child,

Teach me to breathe and teach me to live again.


This is Life..

via Daily Prompt: Puncture


I have often talked in my blogs about faith, surrender, flow of life and allowing life to happen to us.

In the past few days, I found myself floundering on following all of the above. The untimely demise of a young boy, in my extended family, left me shattered. My faith, belief, trust everything got punctured. I was totally deflated. In the moment of grief, I conferred God to be unkind, ruthless and cruel, to snatch a young and playful child from a mothers lap.

As I felt helpless, tears rolling down my cheeks, I told myself, that all of these are just philosophical “gyaan”, which is nice to talk and write about.

A few days of frustration, helplessness and war of random thoughts in my mind, brought me a wave of realization, that come what may, life WILL pull out the carpet from under my feet. Fall I will, and hurt  myself I will, – no escaping that. What distinguishes me, is my ability to get up and stand, after the fall. That is surrender, that is going with the flow. That is the only choice available to me, for if I were in control, I would have made sure that there would be no mishaps or unpleasant experiences. Life experiences are our curriculum in this school called life, which is customized and tailor made as per our requirements.

Today, I seem to have come to accept the situation life hurled at us, and I am making a conscious effort to get up and stand after the fall, it’s not easy by any stretch of imagination. The scar of the loss will remain, I try to apply a balm to cover it and ask the Almighty to give us the power to heal the scar. I am sure, God the fountainhead of love, will forgive me for my unmindful ranting during my days of ‘low’.


The journey continues..


A flurry of thoughts,

A scurry of emotions,

A hurry to reach your destination,

A blurry sight of vision,

A tussle between a confused mind and a demanding brain,

A reason, good enough for devastation…


It is then, you require,


A space for breathing,

A room for silence,

An ear to listen,

A hand to hold,

A shoulder to rest your head on,

Eyes to shed tears,

And just be…


And then you feel,


A shower of blessing,

A touch of warmth,

A kiss of love,

A hug with power…

From a parent, a loved one….

Which brings back the avid energy,

To control your emotions, and restore your connection,

And to walk the path of life to reach your destination….

The journey continues, as life is a series of such situations.