Ask vs Surrender.

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When we ask God, we limit ourselves and our possibilities,
When we surrender to HIM, we are, unlimited possibilities !
When we ask, we have one path,
When we surrender, we have multiple options and paths.
When we ask, we think we are asking for the best,
When we surrender, we get the best !
When we ask, we think we are asking in good faith and expect results,
When we surrender, we have all faith, no expectations and no doubts, and get the best results.
When we ask God, we trust only ‘US’, and try to control,
When we surrender, we trust HIM and know that HE will control.

When we board an aircraft, we surrender to the pilot, who is qualified to fly us safely to our destination , and ofcourse we know not, the controls in the cockpit.
But, when we board an aircraft called life, we fail to surrender to the pilot of the aircraft, who knows our destination, and has all controls of our life’s gambit !!


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Dear God

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Dear God,

I face an obstacle in life,

I pray unto you to resolve it,

I wish to have faith and

I wish to surrender.


I have a problem.

I have a monkey mind,

Which makes my thoughts jump from one tree to another,

From a higher branch to a lower one,

I wish to tame it,


I have a problem.

I get caught in the whirlwind of thoughts,

I get caught in the willy-nilly of life,

I get stressed by the umpteen chores,

I try to meditate to catch them all,


I have a problem.

I fail to silence them all,

I take a few steps forward and fall,

I determine to do it once more, I make a resolve,

I will pray unto you, for you are above all.

Please show me my path,

Don’t let it be a one-way street,

Please share a glimpse or a snippet from my life with me,

Give me an indication,

Show me that my obstacles and problems

Are ‘Work In Progress’ at your workshop,

And please tell me, that you are always with me !!

Dear Paper

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Paper, dear paper,

You are with us everywhere,

In different styles and different forms,

You serve us with your life anytime and anywhere.


You are the sole witness,

To peoples happiness and woes,

They confide deep secrets and sorrows,

You help them find solace and grow.


You bring the news from around the world,

Day in and day out, at the break of dawn,

You surrender to the press, to design your look and feel,

But, by the end of the day, you are gone.


You are there in our everyday life,

In different forms and styles,

We rip you, punch you burn you and crush you,

You never complain, even for a while.


You satiate our hunger and thirst,

By readily taking shape of a plate or a cup,

You offer yourself as a serviette,

To assist us with the clean ups.


If only, we were as palpable as you,

We would definitely be more adaptable,

If only, we could surrender and be as flexible as you,

The world would definitely be unrecognizable.





via Daily Prompt: Cling


As an infant, I clung on to dear Mom for everything,

As a toddler, I clung to teddies for comfort,

As a child, I clung to siblings for fun,

As a teenager, I clung to friends for approval,

As a young adult, I clung to dear Dad for protection,

As an adult, I clung to my spouse for Love,

As a grown up adult, I cling to my children to provide,

Am at a stage in life, where I cling on to dear life…

Where nothing is permanent…

Only to realize, I cannot cling on to anything, or control anything.

Only to realize, to become aware and practice detached attachment.

Only to realize, the magic “mantra“, is to surrender to the faith, to the belief and to the Supreme.






mantra : is a statement or slogan or hymn repeated frequently.



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