via Daily Prompt: Overworked

All over the world today, people seem to be stressed out, overworked, overburdened, overloaded or if I could say, the world is overworked.

The Antarctica, is overburdened with melting glaciers, the environment is overburdened with global warming, the water bodies getting depleted with water shortage, the concrete jungles replacing the ‘green ‘jungles, the cities overworked with pollution and traffic woes. The terror attacks world over, not to be forgotten.


Mom is stressed as she’s handling far too many things – inside the house and outside the house (working). Dad is burnt out because he’s working outside and he does manage to bring the work in (to the house). The people are in a mad rush and are always overpowered by the work to be accomplished.

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The mobiles are running out of charge before the end of the day as they are overworked with the umpteen whatsapp messages, videos and emails. The idiot box, as it is rightly named, is a 24 hour monster, occupying prime space and time in the home.

The very common language which percolates among households today are : I am completely stressed out, overloaded, I’m dealing with a lot of things on my plate, I’m frustrated, agitated, angry, oh, and the list could go on 😦  .Somewhere, somehow, we are all trapped in the “overworked” syndrome.


Oh ! How I sometimes wish, that life was simple and relaxed. There was no rush to go about ticking off the “to do” list.

How I wish, time spent was just sitting and chatting time and not fighting for TV time.

How I wish, children would actually and physically go out and play in the open and not at home with gadgets.

How I wish, we had not messed up with the resources we were blessed with.

Oh ! I could go on and on with my wishes, but sometimes I wish, my wishes do come true.

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Image courtesy     : Pixabay