I wish, I could be a child again..


I wish, I could be a child again..

Reminiscing my childhood domain,

Fun, laughter, frolic and sweet pain,

I wish, I could relive those moments again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

Friendly chatter, pleasant and innocent banter,

Simple jokes, belly hurting laughter,

A small radio or a mobile transistor,

Ever satiating our recreational hunger..

I wish I could go back in memory lane,

Oh, how I wish, I could be a child again.

Chasing dreams of flying a plane,

Or even thinking of driving “BIG” trains,

Going up and down in the lifts, over and again,

I wish, I could grow up once again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again !

No fancy toys, just games insane,

Be it sunshine, wind or rains,

Floating paper boats, in puddles of water in lanes,

I wish, my present, were as simple and plain,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

No phone ring-ring, no remotes for channel surfing,

No laptops, I-pads or mobiles for time passing,

We delved in our confused thoughts, curious minds tossing,

Taking us to the crossroads of life without an idea or inkling,

I wish, I could continue with the “NO STRESS” chain,

I wish I could be a child again !


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Past vs Present…

For many past generations,

Life was simple, without many complications,

From milking the cows,

To farming with ploughs.

From rearing a family of eight to ten,

With meagre and minimum resources to sustain,

Providing decent education,

And simple dressing for occasions,

Hiding difficulties, strains, aches and pains,

Rightfully earning, every single grain,

Adorning a beautiful and loving smile,

Serving one and all, going that extra mile.

These are the memories, I have,

Which date back to to the time and lifestyle of my grandparents days,

The memories shine bright to date,

Unlike the days of the present.

Those days,

When there was no stress of obesity, fads of diets,

No frills and fancies of rice or millets.

No chronic lifestyle diseases to worry about,

Walking or maybe, cycling was the only means to move about.

No televisions, only conversations,

No Shopping complexes, malls or play stations,

No Patisseries, only small time bakeries,

When, life was simple and people were approachable.

I miss the fun games of teacher teacher, darkroom and cousins gathering,

I miss the days of simple, balanced and healthy living.

To end,

I would just quote, the famous Hindi Song,

‘Koi lauta de mere beete hue din,

beete hue din, woh mere pyaare palchin

Would love to hear from you all about your thoughts.

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Chaos to peace..

Chaos to Peace for wordpress..

A whirlwind of thoughts,

Coming in different sizes, colors and hues,

Inflicting our heart and mind,

Confusion, disorder, chaos prevailing..

Leaving us in disturbed, stressful, and angry states of mind.

The onus is on us,

To dive deep within ourselves,

To tap into that untouched love, that peace and calm..

To put an order to the chaotic thoughts.


We are often in a hurry, running around, looking to get hold of something….At such times, PAUSE for a while, and we shall FIND.

We are so caught up in the to do’s, chatter of the little hero in our head, gossip, arguments and the like, in the process we forget to listen to that little voice within us. We do not listen to our heart. At such times, we need to stop TALKING and we will LISTEN.

We are stressed at times, not knowing what to do, how to proceed, at the verge of a break down, such times are meant to pull us UP, so stop CRIBBING and we shall SMILE.

Stressful lives, throws all the requisites of politeness, gratitude, simplicity out of the window. A smile, a mindful prayer, a positive thought, a deep breath can all be at our doorstep. STOP YELLING and we will meet SILENCE. 

We need to leave the comforts of a mothers womb to ARRIVE in this world, and we need to LET GO of the world, to arrive and go beyond.


My random ramblings..Some feelings, some thoughts. Please share to let me know what you feel and what are your thoughts.


Let go : Release


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Fist, Liberate, Change, Freedom

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To release, is something, which does not come naturally to us humans. We have the tendency to hold on to things, people, wealth, thoughts, life & so on..

I guess, this tendency stems from the fact that if we release the hold, we lose control.

The fear of losing something, makes us hold on to, and we get entwined and entangled in life, like the roots of a tree.

If only, we could all,

Release the aches and pains,

Release the thoughts that refrain,

Release the unexpressed emotions,

Release and let go of the pent up frustration,

Break open the shackles and chains,

Tied up, within, to hold us back in vain,

Release the fears and unwanted self imposed restrictions,

To liberate the stress and accumulated apprehensions.

To free up and create space within,

And release the dormant energy within,

Let go of the unfulfilled incompletions,

Scan ourselves, to release the unwanted,

Detox our mind, and achieve all that we wanted.

Let us release, when we still have energy and Life.

We do not have another chance,

For, when we let go of our breath, we release our life.




Little Minds.

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Every single day, parenting brings with it, it’s unique set of challenges. There is no set rule, if a child is behaving in manner ‘A’, then choose option ‘Z’. Each moment and each event is customized to suit your parenting style and depends on the behavior of your child.

The present day has so much stress circulating from all around – work, school, home. Each one passing the stress buck from one person to another, the child being the easiest target for most adults. Even playtime for kids has become stressful for children with the kind of bullies or bossy kids to deal with.

Competition, being so fierce, parents want kids to do well in all spheres, be it academics, sports, public speaking, art, music and what not..  At times, I dread to imagine, what must be going through their little minds, with so much pressure being applied on them. The curious little minds just cringe under the ever increasing constant pressure, to take shape of the parents requirements. You could well imagine your situation, when you are required to do something which you don’t want to do, but have to comply with it as it is an order from your boss, parents, in laws…We as adults, may have different mechanisms to deal with the same, but the dependent child, has to oblige, placing a stone on his/her heart..

I would like to hear from all parents, do you ever think or feel this way..

Break the loop..

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Stuck in the everyday melee,

We form loops about almost everything,

Loops of work, loops of stress,

Loops of thoughts, which have no address,

Loops of anxiousness which take us on a ride,

Loops of tension, then walk by our  side.

Loops of anger, loops of frustration,

Loops of jealousy which causes suffocation.

Lets get out of these loops,

Lets all delve into :

Loops of  smiles and loops of laughter,

Loops of spreading love and harmless banter,

Lets go easy in life and enjoy the new found joy,

And make happiness, our new toy.

It’s not that tough, it takes a little awareness,

It is bound to multiply and give us joy to harness.

Life is too short to live in the midst of complaints and grudges,

Make most of it, for YOU are responsible for shifting gears and releasing the clutches.


via Daily Prompt: Quicken

It’s time to wake up, come on, hurry up, get out of bed and get going with your morning activities, and make it fast, else you’ll end up missing your school bus…

So, starts the dialogue of the day in most houses between parents and children. C’mon finish your bath quickly in five mins, come have your breakfast, make it fast..

“But mama, I’m so sleepy, can I sleep for a while?” No way, you should go to bed  early at night so that you are rested completely. You chose to play with your sister and while away your time.You can’t afford to sleep now. C’mon, hurry up and eat your food.. and so on…

A relaxed, stress free child is what we are all blessed with. It is we, the parents, who burden them with unnecessary stress, teach them to hurry up, teach them to multitask, teach them excessive anger, push them to achieve more, to the extent that it quickens their heart beat….

It is then we realize, Oh Gosh ! My child is stressed out.I need to teach him to relax and be stress free. But then, it’s too late. Stress is wired into their being and system.

The irony of the whole situation being, we teach the relaxed child to become stressed and then expect a bottled up child to relax and loosen up.

Couldn’t we just allow them to be just children, enjoy nature, allow them to play with their siblings, be gentle with them. In most cases,it’s the parents stress that’s being transferred on to the child. Isn’t it sad and true ?


This is what we get…



This is what we make them to be..



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