via Daily Prompt: Someday

Sometimes, I feel I should be a child again. The toothless grins, the innocence, the smiles, the happy go attitude, the ability to throw a tantrum, the fun, the play,the no responsibility age of childhood. Sometimes, I feel…


Sometimes, I think about the future. I shall be doing this, I would have achieved that, the responsibilities, my children would’ve grown up and will be well settled in their chosen fields, their homes, their families. I think I should have achieved all of that and be free of responsibilities. Sometimes, I feel…

I am well sandwiched between the past and the future. The realization moment, then arrives, and I tell myself, this moment is what is yours – do what you can right now. Live it fully, enjoy the little moments with kids, be a kid along with your kids once more, and grow up with them once more. Look at your parents, hold their hands to make their journey comfortable, right now. Take moments and situations as they come, and things which are rough, shall soon settle down, and things which are favorable, enjoy them – fully.


Maybe, someday, I will not be sandwiched between past and the future, and  I will get the right balance, to be a kid, to be a parent, and be a daughter and wife with ease, and to enjoy every moment at present.





Picture courtesy : Pixabay