When I experience…

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent



When I shed tears, I cry,

I know I can be emotional,

When I am silent, I listen,

I listen to hear the sounds within and out of me,

When I shut my eyes, I see,

I see to visualize the vast possibility that exists within me,

When I have expectations, I judge,

I understand I can be judgmental,

When I make mistakes, I learn,

I comprehend and gain experience,

When I experience, I love,

When I love, I live,

I live life and spread energy and warmth,

From the luminescent light of the infinite source !!


On the run..

via Daily Prompt: Assay


We are running, running, running and always on the run, till we are done, but, alas, we are never done. Running after fame, money, success, achievements, goals…and the series could go on and on…

We are always on the go, running late, running after time, running on the dot, the hourglass is always on. But we never take off some time, to rest a while, be silent, relax a while, watch ourselves, assay our internal system, unclog the internal mental blocks and try and become sublime, in what we are and where we are.

If we take stock of what we have, once in a while, I’m sure we’ll get and achieve what we are set to achieve, much faster and at a much relaxed pace and manner. So, please stop your clock for a while, assess yourself and then move on !!


Where does your compass point?

via Daily Prompt: Compass

The degree of the mind being jolly, lies in  maintaining meager silence  for a while everyday. The victory over the commotion of emotional thoughts, brings you the elegance to pass on the inheritance of bliss to the younger generations.

If your compass is pointing elsewhere, varnish your thoughts, shift to being silent and over a period of time you will become a legend in the theory of bliss and happiness !!


Last time around, I used a weeks prompts in one post, as I faced a  writers block. This time around it’s been the ‘time’ block 🙂 Just couldn’t get to posting for more than a week. So this is my attempt to weave a blanket from the daily prompts for a week. Hope you all like it !