Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”



Dark keys and light keys,

Playing a musical piece,

Of happy, sad times.





No darkness, no light,

complementing each other,

going hand in hand.

Morning sky, shining so bright,

Setting sun, inviting night.

The elixir of Life..

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


Our life, can be compared to a comic book… which has a elixir of experiences, which is prescribed for us as per requirement…

Some sweet, some salty,

Some moderate, some naughty,

Some happy, some sad,

Some which drive us totally mad.

Each experience is a tonic,

Which is exclusive and exotic,

Required for our growth,the symptoms of which are chronic,

Customized and prescribed individually, at His clinic.

The doses of elixir may differ,

Some of which might be bitter,

With each dose we march ahead,

To experience the life spread !!