My Home..

via Daily Prompt: Messy

IC : My Home 🙂

My house may be messy at times,

Cushions strewn over, newspapers scattered,

Books lying on the sofas, milk spattered,

Bread crumbs lying on the floor,

Pencils in the sofa gaps and more,

Shoes lying outside the shoe rack,

School bags never kept back.

Might sound like mom is a bit lax,

But believe me, I have learnt to let go and relax,

For the cleanliness freak that I was,

I am surprised at myself that I have let go of my flaws,

I feel ever grateful to have kids around,

Who leave a mess around and on the ground,

At least, I know, the house is a home,

And not a spick and span hotel room.




On the run..

via Daily Prompt: Assay


We are running, running, running and always on the run, till we are done, but, alas, we are never done. Running after fame, money, success, achievements, goals…and the series could go on and on…

We are always on the go, running late, running after time, running on the dot, the hourglass is always on. But we never take off some time, to rest a while, be silent, relax a while, watch ourselves, assay our internal system, unclog the internal mental blocks and try and become sublime, in what we are and where we are.

If we take stock of what we have, once in a while, I’m sure we’ll get and achieve what we are set to achieve, much faster and at a much relaxed pace and manner. So, please stop your clock for a while, assess yourself and then move on !!



via Daily Prompt: Quicken

It’s time to wake up, come on, hurry up, get out of bed and get going with your morning activities, and make it fast, else you’ll end up missing your school bus…

So, starts the dialogue of the day in most houses between parents and children. C’mon finish your bath quickly in five mins, come have your breakfast, make it fast..

“But mama, I’m so sleepy, can I sleep for a while?” No way, you should go to bed  early at night so that you are rested completely. You chose to play with your sister and while away your time.You can’t afford to sleep now. C’mon, hurry up and eat your food.. and so on…

A relaxed, stress free child is what we are all blessed with. It is we, the parents, who burden them with unnecessary stress, teach them to hurry up, teach them to multitask, teach them excessive anger, push them to achieve more, to the extent that it quickens their heart beat….

It is then we realize, Oh Gosh ! My child is stressed out.I need to teach him to relax and be stress free. But then, it’s too late. Stress is wired into their being and system.

The irony of the whole situation being, we teach the relaxed child to become stressed and then expect a bottled up child to relax and loosen up.

Couldn’t we just allow them to be just children, enjoy nature, allow them to play with their siblings, be gentle with them. In most cases,it’s the parents stress that’s being transferred on to the child. Isn’t it sad and true ?


This is what we get…



This is what we make them to be..



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