I wish, I could be a child again..


I wish, I could be a child again..

Reminiscing my childhood domain,

Fun, laughter, frolic and sweet pain,

I wish, I could relive those moments again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

Friendly chatter, pleasant and innocent banter,

Simple jokes, belly hurting laughter,

A small radio or a mobile transistor,

Ever satiating our recreational hunger..

I wish I could go back in memory lane,

Oh, how I wish, I could be a child again.

Chasing dreams of flying a plane,

Or even thinking of driving “BIG” trains,

Going up and down in the lifts, over and again,

I wish, I could grow up once again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again !

No fancy toys, just games insane,

Be it sunshine, wind or rains,

Floating paper boats, in puddles of water in lanes,

I wish, my present, were as simple and plain,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

No phone ring-ring, no remotes for channel surfing,

No laptops, I-pads or mobiles for time passing,

We delved in our confused thoughts, curious minds tossing,

Taking us to the crossroads of life without an idea or inkling,

I wish, I could continue with the “NO STRESS” chain,

I wish I could be a child again !


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Happily ever after.

Most of our fairy tales or fables catch our interest, engage us and finally, end with the tag line “and they lived happily ever after”, or the prince saved the princess and they were married with pomp and gaiety and they lived happily ever after. It’s such a common thing for us to have narrated these stories to our kids, and building up their expectations and thoughts to “happily ever after”.

Why don’t we narrate true life incidents and stories of their grandparents, family, who have gone through many hardships and come up in life. Give them a true picture of life. It comes with its shares of ups and downs. You have to face the rough waters and swim through it to reach the shore.

It’s always good to talk  to them about incidents you have been through in life, the fun in hiring a bicycle during summer breaks, the falls, the scares, the games without the gadgets, playing in rains, dark rooms, schools, letters, cards, postman, festivals, the days of power outrage, antakshari, I’m sure lot of you will have a number of fun things to add to that list. (please feel free to do so).

Prepare your children to face the hot summer sun and the cool rainy day. The preparation required for both the seasons are different. Let them know, that we’ve all been there. Life is a mixed bag of sunny and rainy days. Enjoy and bask in the sunshine, and don’t forget to open up your colorful umbrellas for the refreshing showers !! Train them to deal with all weathers, so they can actually choose to live “happily ever after”.