Parental Love..


A parental umbrella of protection,
Displayed to portray their shower of affection,
To shield their little one from layers of destruction,
Lo and behold, the shower of love and affection,                                                                   A spectacle of beautiful admiration !!

A tribute to all parents who nurture and try their best to protect and shield their little ones from difficulties and diversities of life, often going unnoticed. A salute to their selfless service.



via Daily Prompt: Cling


As an infant, I clung on to dear Mom for everything,

As a toddler, I clung to teddies for comfort,

As a child, I clung to siblings for fun,

As a teenager, I clung to friends for approval,

As a young adult, I clung to dear Dad for protection,

As an adult, I clung to my spouse for Love,

As a grown up adult, I cling to my children to provide,

Am at a stage in life, where I cling on to dear life…

Where nothing is permanent…

Only to realize, I cannot cling on to anything, or control anything.

Only to realize, to become aware and practice detached attachment.

Only to realize, the magic “mantra“, is to surrender to the faith, to the belief and to the Supreme.






mantra : is a statement or slogan or hymn repeated frequently.



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