A little red juicy fruit,

Tucked away in a corner,

Pouring sweet juicy love,

Ready to be a donor.

Give me more,

Give me some more,

Spouse, parents, children,

All seeking more.

Smiling and serving portions,

Squeezing and pouring every drop,

Secured in place, tied up in bonds,

Overused, and over worked.

But, re energizing and recaptulating ,

Always ready to serve more and more,

Is nothing but, THE MOTHER’S HEART.


A little tribute to all mothers, for their unrelenting, undaunting and ever smiling service.


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Pic Courtesy : Pixabay.com



via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm


There are many relationships in life,

With parents, spouse, children,and friends..

Different people, different purposes,

Different actions, different responses..

Intense love for some, hatred towards some,

Care and concern for some and affection for some.

Hugs and kisses, smiles and frowns,

Sometimes reciprocated, sometimes none.

Sometimes over enthusiastic heartfelt emotions,

Sometimes a very lukewarm welcome.

Indeed, distinctive and complex people are human beings,

Who are unique in their way of being !!