Journey of Motherhood

via Daily Prompt: Patience

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Child birth requires immense forbearance,

Child rearing needs a lot of tolerance,

Being a mother necessitates persistence,

It’s a journey of long endurance.

Understanding, tenacity and perseverance,

Power, calmness, application and insistence,

Going hand in hand with resolve and diligence,

All of these describe motherhood and parenting competence,

A journey, which requires immense courage and patience  



via Daily Prompt: Criticize


Parenting in the current generation is a very challenging task due to varied reasons, and I’m sure most of you will agree to this. Am not getting into the nitty gritty of why it’s challenging..for every parent would have dealt with custom made situations.

Ups and downs have been present throughout my parenting career. Childhood tantrums, teenage rage, rows, arguments, discussions, oh! plenty of situations to prick the full blown parenting balloon – BOOM, and I am down to earth, totally deflated.

Moments like these, often set my brain thinking, Am I good enough as a parent ?? I criticize, I inquire, to find for the deep insecurities hidden within, to find the evidences to support my stance, to present my case before the judge residing in my court room. The proceedings begin…I start presenting by defending, as a defense attorney..justifying and arguing to prove myself right. After all, I have to win the case.

After the emotional turmoil has settled down, the mother in me, comes forward to present her stance as the public prosecutor…Is all this turmoil worth it? whom are you fighting against and why? What will you gain by winning this case? It’s your child. Even if you prove yourself right, you finally end up losing the case, as the child is a mere extension of you. Is this argument, battle really so important in the long run? If not, let it go. Choose and win the battles which matter.

After, this motherly dose of arguments, happens the out of court settlement – Truce is proclaimed, victory is ours 🙂



Until I was blessed with my first child, I always thought that parenting is very rosy. I barely had an idea that a tiny, chubby, cuddly little bundle could score over you and leave you clueless, confused and perplexed all night.

What I realized, is that parenting is the only subject where you are directly put into the practical lab sessions, without conducting any theory sessions 🙂 Before you realize, you have a bundle, who grows into a mischievous lad, and a troubled teenager, who leaves you at the mercy of google, doctors and advice from family and friends. No manual, no guide. Only trial and error, talks, temper tantrums, cajoling, cuddling, googling – choose your pick, to suit your need 🙂

As we raise kids, we enable them to become independent, self reliant and able youths for the future generations. Don’t you think it’s a big bounty we pay ourselves, for all the struggle, for capturing the goodness in the kids, and making them good citizens who can shoulder the responsibility of themselves and the nation.