Keep Moving On..

Hi All,

A few days back, my daughter, comes to me and hands over this sheet, with her nuggets of wisdom.

A little girl just of 10 has penned words, which we as adults often struggle to follow and keep up with. Am sharing below, her work. I have typed the entire writing below for ease in going through. Please feel free to share your thoughts !

Keep Moving on..

“We Must not unlock the future with what we HAD in the past, but what we HAVE in the present. “

Keep moving on…keep moving on…

Life is like a swan,

Keeps flying/swimming with ups and downs,

We must not hide from problems, cry, crib or frown.


We must take it like a challenge,

That’s how we will get used to life’s balance,

We need to see it as an opportunity,

And use it to get respect and dignity (but not pride!)


For ex : I had a dog and entered her in a dog show,

She died a month ago:(,

I was in sorrow !

But that was not going to stop me from swimming in life’s flow.

Now I didn’t have a dog show to go or my loyal pet,

But life gave me so many opportunities yet !

That’s why I said…all along,

Keep moving on…Keep moving on…