When Mother Earth said # Me Too..


When the Axes started swinging and made contact with innocent,all caring, all providing trees, When there was massive deforestation world wide in the name of development, the homes of many living creatures were destroyed. They all cried and said # Me Too.., but we didn’t listen..we continued with our “progress”.

When the Glaciers started to melt for more than half a century due to rising temperatures, there was a loud shout out, #Me Too.., we didn’t pay heed.

When the rivers, seas and oceans were polluted with plastic and garbage, the water bodies, the marine creatures cried foul and said # Me Too..,we were too busy to hear their pleads for mercy.

The assault on the gigantic high mountain ranges are no exception to the cries of # Me Too..we ignored..

The water tables are continually depleting, and the water sources drying up, droughts hitting nations, crops failing, cries of # Me Too..playing loud, but we are all in the non audible zone to hear the cries of Mother Earth..

When the going became tough and beyond tolerance, the Mother took charge to unleash her fury in the form of devastating Tsunamis, cyclones, incessant rains in retaliation to the brutal assaults and abuses meted out to her by the human species in the name of constant development..but, when such natural calamities happen, we plead helplessness and become humble, and then they just become memories, till the next one happens…

I do hope the human “beings” wake up from the deep slumber to listen to the cries of Mother Earth and bring about an awakening within each individual and create a revolution to save our Mother.





via Daily Prompt: Imagination

A mothers pure love, gives affection,

A writers novel thought, stems from imagination,

An artiste’s colorful palette, creates wonderful creations,

A participant’s grit and courage, gives fierce competition,

An actors evergreen talent, shows us varied expressions,

A musicians gifted skill, gives us soulful renditions,

Life saving surgeries, springs from a doctors tireless operations,

A teachers knowledgeable instruction, accords us with education.

All varied forms of human professions and positions,

Woven into one fabric of human transformation,

All interlinked and driven into one direction,

That of universal brotherhood and soul connection !!






A little red juicy fruit,

Tucked away in a corner,

Pouring sweet juicy love,

Ready to be a donor.

Give me more,

Give me some more,

Spouse, parents, children,

All seeking more.

Smiling and serving portions,

Squeezing and pouring every drop,

Secured in place, tied up in bonds,

Overused, and over worked.

But, re energizing and recaptulating ,

Always ready to serve more and more,

Is nothing but, THE MOTHER’S HEART.


A little tribute to all mothers, for their unrelenting, undaunting and ever smiling service.


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Pic Courtesy : Pixabay.com



via Daily Prompt: Criticize


Parenting in the current generation is a very challenging task due to varied reasons, and I’m sure most of you will agree to this. Am not getting into the nitty gritty of why it’s challenging..for every parent would have dealt with custom made situations.

Ups and downs have been present throughout my parenting career. Childhood tantrums, teenage rage, rows, arguments, discussions, oh! plenty of situations to prick the full blown parenting balloon – BOOM, and I am down to earth, totally deflated.

Moments like these, often set my brain thinking, Am I good enough as a parent ?? I criticize, I inquire, to find for the deep insecurities hidden within, to find the evidences to support my stance, to present my case before the judge residing in my court room. The proceedings begin…I start presenting by defending, as a defense attorney..justifying and arguing to prove myself right. After all, I have to win the case.

After the emotional turmoil has settled down, the mother in me, comes forward to present her stance as the public prosecutor…Is all this turmoil worth it? whom are you fighting against and why? What will you gain by winning this case? It’s your child. Even if you prove yourself right, you finally end up losing the case, as the child is a mere extension of you. Is this argument, battle really so important in the long run? If not, let it go. Choose and win the battles which matter.

After, this motherly dose of arguments, happens the out of court settlement – Truce is proclaimed, victory is ours 🙂