Life’s journey..


Lovely pink blossoming mommies,
Carrying  their  cute budding babies,
Teaching them about their life’s journey.
Marching ahead to adorn bouquets and decorations,
Soaking the appreciative peeps and caresses from the fellow carnations.
Walking with a hint of pride along the boulevard,
The budding beauty, oblivious of the blemish arising from its own yard…
The prick  that ‘stemmed’from the thorn,
Changed the budding babies perception,
Oh, the budding baby cried ! It’s not roses all the way,
Mamma, I come with my limitations,…
Softness and delicateness packed in my appearance,
I am much required for people to exhibit their exuberance, 
I make sure, I’m accepted with thorny interiors,
Pricks and hurts are part of my beautiful demeanor,
My entire life span of just few days,
Before I realize, ends swiftly in a haze,
Now, in my return journey before my end,
I notice, my soul is bruised and scarred,
As I walk through the rusted boulevard !!
A striking similarity between life of a rose and that of a man..We could all very well relate to the life journey of a rose with it’s limitations to our own lives, and before we realize it’s futility, it’s time to depart.
.. Any thoughts?

A tribute ..


You showed up every day,

You lingered in my thoughts,

You walked me through the memory lanes,

You helped me pick my thoughts,

You chose an assorted bouquet of smiles and experiences for me, from my past,

You took me on a journey of ups and downs, tiny and vast,

You were the trigger for my writing,

You were the one to take my posts globe trotting,

Now, I go down the memory lane on my own accord,

And I realize, in the absence of your hand holding,

That I miss you and the ‘word prompt’ meetings with you,

Oh ! DAILY POST, I enjoyed my amazing journey with you,

And wish and hope to see you soon and begin a new journey with you !!

Encrusted with negative thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


We are all on a beautiful journey out here on this beautiful planet. We’ve got our family, friends, well wishers and we are all walking along. On the way, we encounter certain beings or people who are on the same journey, but in an opposite direction. Or there may be certain people branching off from us, for obvious reasons, each bearing fruits of his or her journey experiencing their share of life.

Often times, during such a journey, we encounter hardships, face struggles and difficulties. We enter into squabbles, fights, disagreements and feed our mind and ego with the negative and “I am right” emotions. Our mind, our thoughts get encrusted with layers and layers of such emotions which we hold on to and refuse to let it go.

At the end of the road, we realize the futility of such feeds. It’s too late to go back and make amends. It is wise to work while we still have time. As a departed soul, we may be around our loved ones, but may be unable to communicate or show them our love. So love, while we can. Spread love and share love !!

Thank you !

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Pray, Hands, Grateful, Thankful

Today is a new day,

A fresh page, in my old book,

Today, I read the first page, of my remaining book of life,

A fresh day, to count my age, and look,

Look ahead and bury my sorrows,

Like there is no tomorrow,

Bow my head in gratitude,

For all people and things in life, I am blessed with today,

I am living today, and have scripted one more page of my book,

Tomorrow I shall ink a page more,

A new day tomorrow,  will open one more door.

I keep going, my dear friends,

I am grateful, till I reach my destination, for,that’s where my journey ends !!


My imaginary world

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary



One night, I had a dream. I found myself walking in a long pathway surrounded by dense trees on either side. Cold winds blowing. Not a soul to be seen. Walking along, petrified, I suddenly notice that I am surrounded by a stunning bright golden light, which inquired about me. I was shocked, I stammered to ask, who are you? How do you know me? Where am I? Tears rolling down my cheeks. Choking, sweating….

Do not worry my child.. I am the power which governs the universe, spoke a soft, soothing and calming voice. You have travelled down the path of your life. This is your inner journey. This is how you came into this world, and this is how you will be departing from the earth. Still crying, I managed to ask, but why have you brought me here? My child, I brought you along this path, so you could recognise your life. To recognise what you have, and where you are lacking. To identify the pitfalls (traits of jealousy and hatred and fill it up with love) and to identify the bumps and humps in your life (anger, ego, pride) and to scale them down. When you strike a perfect balance between them, you will experience peace and bliss.

This is how I read my inner journey. When I’m really upset or hurt and go through an upheaval of emotional turmoil, I sit by myself and get into one such mode, where I try to find the purpose of my life. This is how my imagination runs in my imaginary world and I try to get out of my lows.

The journey continues..


A flurry of thoughts,

A scurry of emotions,

A hurry to reach your destination,

A blurry sight of vision,

A tussle between a confused mind and a demanding brain,

A reason, good enough for devastation…


It is then, you require,


A space for breathing,

A room for silence,

An ear to listen,

A hand to hold,

A shoulder to rest your head on,

Eyes to shed tears,

And just be…


And then you feel,


A shower of blessing,

A touch of warmth,

A kiss of love,

A hug with power…

From a parent, a loved one….

Which brings back the avid energy,

To control your emotions, and restore your connection,

And to walk the path of life to reach your destination….

The journey continues, as life is a series of such situations.