Daily Picture Prompt 76


Under the vast blue sky, on the road of life,

Treading step by step, completing every lap,

Today, I stand alone.


A few companions came by, who walked along my way,

For a while I was happy and found myself sway,

Today, I stand alone.


I look ahead of me, a barren road,

A long rove, to my final abode,

Today, I stand alone.


In the lonesome journey of life,

Chasing peace and truth of rife,

In the middle of the road of life,

Today, I stand alone.




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Daily Prompt: Crossing

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

Every day in life, we come to a point, where we have to move ahead and go forward. And we do so, knowingly or unknowingly, we cross many bridges or crossings in life.

A few involuntary crossings which happen every day, for every being on this planet, is the crossing of time. With the “ticking hands of time”, we march ahead from a second to a minute, a minute to an hour, an hour to a day, a day to a week and a week to a year…. From morning to evening, from day to night, from sunlight to moonlight. Like it or not, the universal clock takes us along.


And then we have the crossings at different stages in life. We go on from infancy to becoming toddlers, from toddlers to childhood, childhood to adolescence, and adolescence to adulthood, adulthood to parenthood and parenthood to becoming grandparents. We cross every stage, moment to moment, past to present, present to future. The stages of life are precast, we do not have a choice, and we are involuntarily molded into and out of each stage. But we do have some choices for voluntary crossings here, as in, we create and shape our life with our actions, we happen to gain and learn life lessons, teachings, experiences. We choose our path and destination and we walk along, in the journey of life.


The major crossing, probably the unknown territory for many, is from life to death and beyond, to the realms of the unknown….where does the journey of life take us to?





Image courtesy : Pixabay