When I experience…

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent



When I shed tears, I cry,

I know I can be emotional,

When I am silent, I listen,

I listen to hear the sounds within and out of me,

When I shut my eyes, I see,

I see to visualize the vast possibility that exists within me,

When I have expectations, I judge,

I understand I can be judgmental,

When I make mistakes, I learn,

I comprehend and gain experience,

When I experience, I love,

When I love, I live,

I live life and spread energy and warmth,

From the luminescent light of the infinite source !!


Tanka – Two Sisters

This is dedicated to my one and only ever caring, loving and affectionate sister. She’s been there for me, to pull me out of my blues, comfort me and love me unconditionally. To you dear sis 🙂




Two sisters are nice,

 Little sugar, little spice,

To quarrel and fight,

To share all that’s wrong and right,

Their bond of love, infinite.


PC : Pixabay.com

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #40 – Sugar and Spice




via Daily Prompt: Abstract


Abstract is undefined,

Abstract is beautiful and infinite,

Abstract is unfinished and unrefined,

Abstract is darkness and light.

Raw and unprocessed thoughts are abstract,

Fear and imagination, the mind and perception,

are all so fluid and abstract,

The flow of life and the science of creation,

Is a piece of  abstract art, by the divine artisan !!