My Impromptu Blog

Often, at meetings, schools, workplace, programs, debates etc. we are called to speak on a topic at a moment’s notice. No preparation, not much time to think, and there we are, amidst a hundred pair of eyes, waiting to hear and judge us. I’m sure, many of you reading this blog, would’ve been through this.

I thought of writing this blog on similar lines. No preparation, no correction, no editing etc. directly, my thoughts on your screen, hence the title – Impromptu Blog!!


It’s quite a task, to write without thinking through.  My brain is raking out thoughts to be put forth.  As I write this, I realize, how tough it is for us humans to do something different, something which is not planned, something for which we have not prepared, something just dropping into our arms, which requires our immediate attention.

There is only one situation though, where I feel we, as human beings, do not require much preparation to take an immediate action – when we are angry. Without any problem, without thinking, without waiting for things to settle down – we speak impromptu, and we manage to invoke all our hidden emotions and expressions, to bring out our ghastly image. And it’s a fact that, if someone shows us a mirror during the anger monster’s attack on us, we would be very unpleasant and would not like what we see. I wonder how little ones around us, put up with us .


An old adage goes “Think before you speak”. When we do so, we probably do all the cut, edit, copy & paste at the backyard of our brain, which helps us in controlling our impromptu devastating words of communication and bringing about the beautiful side in us, much to the happiness and relief of our close ones.

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