Sunrise at a beach..

via Daily Prompt: Astral


Golden rays of the rising sun,

Kissing the now dark horizon,

The sky glowing in a golden hue,

Dressing up in the early morning gown of blue.

Golden stars dancing in the serene waters,

As though adorning the astral couture,

Oh ! what a beautiful sight to behold,

A work of beauty from natures abode.

Golden sparkly waves beginning their new day,

Bringing positive vibes along the way,

Waves gently tossing, spreading, and reaching the shore,

Waiting to narrate the tales of their glorious journey and more !!


A Good Morning Message From Almighty !!

via Daily Prompt: Horizon

Re-posting from one of my older posts.



Golden rays of the morning sun,

Shimmering in the horizon,

Kissing the soft blue sky,

Inspiring you to rise high.


Spreading the rays of hope,

Despite despair and failures don’t mope,

Teaching you to get up after every fall,

Rising high again, to stand up tall.


My children, rise up like the big bright sun,

It’s My positive light for each and everyone,

Cleanse your soul and spirit with this light,

I will shine within you in the form of golden light.




Good Morning.

via Daily Prompt: Blossom


The dark, velvety, silent night sky, appears in deep slumber. Cool breeze, swaying leaves, growls of animals, buzzing of insects its only companions.

Slowly and steadily, we witness rays of sunlight appearing and wrapping the night sky in a golden gown, swaying to the tunes of chirping birds. The night sky changing into the golden gown to blossom into a bright and beautiful morning. Making a style statement in it’s new golden attire, giving us a message, wake up world, you have been blessed with one more beautiful day !!