The Bride in Orange..


In the back drop of a dark night,

The bride dressed in an attire of orange and white,

The blush of shyness and coyness giving her a satiny glow,

Anxious feelings pounding her gentle, kind heart and thoughts overflow,

Oh, what a relief indeed it is, to see the radiant sun rise and glow !!


Gist of life…

via Daily Prompt: Provoke


Creator creates creations,

Creation brings forth life,

Life rolls out situations,

Situations demand contemplation,

Contemplation awakens feelings,

Feelings instigate decisions,

Decisions provoke emotions,

Emotions necessitates action,

Action calls for reaction…

Thus, goes the order of day to day equations,

To sum up the gist of life’s transactions !!

Daily Prompt: Renewal

via Daily Prompt: Renewal

Some irresistible and exciting offers on renewing your life time membership of your life!! A host of renewable items, available totally free, to improve your life dramatically.

I’m sure you are all eager to know, what they are, aren’t you? Please read on, every single one of you has it in plenty, it’s neatly tucked away somewhere deep inside. Get them out, dust them off and relive the small joys of life, they are all yours, see the change, feel the change 🙂

Renew your smiles – they lighten the mood,

Renew your hugs and kisses – spread love,

Renew your old friends – new friendships,

Renew your old fond memories – relive life,

Renew your laughter – relax,

Renew the joy of waking up to a hot cup of filter coffee – enjoy the fragrance of life,

Renew giving a helping hand to the old and needy – feel kindness,

Renew reading a book- not on kindle, feel the hold and smell of the book,

Renew your playtime with kids – create bonding,

Renew your family ties – enjoy family time,

Renew your childhood- become an innocent child again,

Renew the oxygen you breathe- take a deep breath,

The list of freebies is not exhaustive. Choose yours, to suit your life. Just a gentle reminder, of the forgotten joys of life. A little time away from the mad rush, hurry burry of work and addiction to gadgets. A little closer, to renewing your lifetime membership to live life fully and reconnect to the lost connectivity.

Make a beginning today.


Best Mama Ovation

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

The incident occurred a couple of years ago..

I had read some time ago, about a mother playing a fun game with her children. I was intrigued by the game and decided to carry it out in my home. It goes thus..

I asked my little one, to describe mama in three words. (I should admit, I was a bit nervous –it was nothing less than putting my hands into a lions mouth) expecting a barrage of words, which may not be soothing to my ears. But the words she said provided the much needed solace to my heart – Mama is cute, mama is sweet and mama is kind. These words spoken by an innocent 6 year old, came right from the heart and I was thrilled about it.

All is well, so far so good. The real test was to play the game with my elder daughter, a good 14 years old. With bated breath, I asked her, If you had to describe mama in three words, what would they be? Waiting for her response was tough, with all the word battles going on in my little head, the combinations she could use, especially after going through the recent teenage troubles of verbal duels, squabbles, the latest being – don’t lecture me  or give me a break L What if she labels me.???. Putting the little fella inside my brain in silent mode, I waited, and the wait was worth it. Her words tasted like nectar to me. She said, I was caring, loving and cute. She continued doing her work, unaware of the difference she created for me. My hard work of being Mama, for all these years of selfless service, day in and day out had paid off.mother2

My little audience of my two daughters gave me an ovation, which filled my heart.

I would like to give a STANDING OVATION to all mothers in the world, for their tireless, selfless, thankless and whole hearted devotion to their children and family.


Points To Ponder



Scene 1

My mobile phone just fell into a bucket of water, son, came an aged dad, and handed over the wet phone to his son. Never mind dad, let me see, what I can do to fix it says the son…

Imagine, if the same act was done by your child and the child comes to you and says, sorry daddy, I was playing with the phone and it just slipped and fell into the bucket of water.

How would you react??

Scene 2

Fathom this, a family consisting of grandparents, parents and kids, having dinner…. The younger child 8 years old, is done with dinner, the residual food left in the Childs plate is watery….Grandpa says, leave your plate on the table, I will stash away your plate in the sink, else you’ll end up spilling the leftover food on the way to the wash area.

As the parent of the child, how do you react??

Scene 3

A Mom and daughter on the way to the bus stop…early morning, cool breeze blowing, birds chirping, the duo, enjoying each other’s company, chatting, cuddling, laughing, everything picture perfect. On reaching the stop and waiting for the school bus to arrive, the daughter gets busy chatting with her friend, Mom takes to her friend – the mobile phone. Both are engrossed talking and chatting, one face to face and the other with her “mobile” friend(s). The school bus arrives, picks up the other kids waiting and leaves. The mom and daughter, being busy are blissfully unaware, of the arrival of the bus. The daughter has missed the bus.

Being in the moms place, how would you react??

Scene 4

Your child is walking, in the park, on the street, or in the stairway, along with you. The child is lost in his/her own dream world, thinking of the latest car, Ben 10 or engrossed in the world of fairies and princesses. And lo, he/she missed seeing a puddle of water or missed a step and had a fall. His/her dream shattered, bruised and in pain, starts howling and crying.

How would you react??

I’m sure, we as parents have faced many such scenes in our journey of parenting, which is quite challenging. Each parent is created differently and is unique in his or her own way, and will react differently in similar situations.

Why are we afraid to allow our children to make mistakes, and in the process, allow them to learn & grow? It’s not because they would fall and be in pain, it’s because, we as parents have to bear the brunt of the consequences of their actions.

If the answers to any of the scenarios above, is maybe, I would have, then it’s time to get some remedial measures in place.
While, it’s next to impossible to have a set rule to parenting or to deal with a situation, the above situations are just pointers to where we as parents could possibly learn to be “well behaved” or learn not to react.



My Biggest Gift.

The BIG Gift, from my little one…

This happened a couple of years ago..

I had come across a beautiful message during my visit to a social networking site. The message read : “ To my daughters” – I love you a lot. If you need me, call me. I don’t care,  if I’m sleeping, if I am having my own problems, or if I’m angry at you. If you need me and need to talk to me, I’ll always be there for you, no matter how big or small your problem is, “I’LL BE THERE”. This message, echoed my thoughts,  was beautifully written and I loved it.

I  figured out, it was a very apt message for me and my daughters. So, I printed the message and pinned it on the soft board in their room. They read it off and on, and it was a reminder for me to be there for my kids, every day and enjoy every moment with them regardless of a busy schedule, and of course creating a strong bond with my daughters.

The soft board in their room, soon had a lot more visitors, from the artistes in them to the poets in them, grabbing the attention of all those who visited their room. My message, soon got hidden behind the drawings, poetries and articles, pushing each other for some rightful space on the soft board. I had no choice, but to clean up the board, put a few of their works in a folder. My message to my daughters was one such entrant into the folder. I was quite sure, that we have developed a good bonding and do not require messages to remind us – “we are there for each other”.

A few weeks down the line, as I was busy engrossed in my work, my little daughter, all of 6 then, came and asked me, mama, where’s that message – “to my daughters”I want it. In the middle of my work, I just picked it up from the folder, gave it to her and got busy with my work again. After a while, she walks in with two tiny sheets of paper and hands it over to me. As I read it, my eyes just welled up with tears of joy.

The two tiny sheets read..

To my parents..

Dear parents, I love you a lot. If you need me, call me. I don’t care if I’m sleeping, if I’m having my own problems or if I’m angry at you. If you need me and if you need to talk to me, I’ll always be there for you, no matter how big or how small your problem is

I’LL BE THERE !! I love you mom and dad !

I was touched somewhere deep down in my heart, this little gesture from my little girl is my BIGGEST gift ever !!