If Not..


If not, for the genuine tears that flow, who would care for the emotions,

If not, for the melancholy of grief, who would appreciate happiness,

If not, for the baffling complexities, who would recognize simplicity,

If not, for the hunger of needs, who would enjoy the cuisines of existence,

If not, for the bitter hatred, who would cherish the unconditional love,

If not, for death, who would care for the gift of invaluable life,

If not, for the deep desire of the soul within, who would care for the experiences !!


If everything we got or had would last forever, how would the quality of life be?

We enjoy life, because of the polarities that exist, which makes us strive for and also appreciate our blessings.

The above written post is one of my random ramblings, do feel free to share your thoughts..


My God, My Talisman

via Daily Prompt: Talisman


I am the chosen one to be me,

I am the one worthy to be me,

No one, but me suited this being,

And I was given the chance to be me…

My life is a gift unto me.

My breath is a prayer unto Him,

My prayer is devotion unto Him,

My love is a feeling unto Him &

My feeling is love and surrender unto Him.

My experiences are solely mine,

My life occurrences , the intention of divine,

The divine power and strength is my Talisman,

Which gives me the power in life to go on and on.





via Daily Prompt: Descend


Without experiencing descend, one cannot appreciate ascend,

Without meeting sorrow, one cannot experience joy,

Without exposure to sadness, one cannot value happiness,

Without sobs and cries, one cannot venerate smile and laughter,

Without coming in contact with pain, one cannot acknowledge well being,

Without contracting an illness, one cannot treasure good health.

Life is a series of experiences, which are sent to us on a need to know and need to grow basis. I see experiences as branches of trees, growing in different directions, shaping our beliefs, our mind and our psyche.

Welcome each one of the experience by seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it because, your experience is solely yours, nurture it and grow with it !!

The flow..

via Daily Prompt: None



None, can enter me, my temple of consciousness, where I enjoy my breath, my thoughts, my feelings, my fears, my happiness…

I am  unique, and have been created by the creator…for my soul to experience “ME”. A part of being me, though, is experienced by people around me, and I gain from experiences, from people around me. But what I experience with each interaction is solely my experience, to gather, to pick , to learn and feed my soul. None can feel, what I feel, none can live, what I live.

Each person on his/her journey to attain the purpose of life…

Experience the flow, swim with the flow to enjoy, and surrender the flow unto HIM, to be at peace.



The elixir of Life..

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


Our life, can be compared to a comic book… which has a elixir of experiences, which is prescribed for us as per requirement…

Some sweet, some salty,

Some moderate, some naughty,

Some happy, some sad,

Some which drive us totally mad.

Each experience is a tonic,

Which is exclusive and exotic,

Required for our growth,the symptoms of which are chronic,

Customized and prescribed individually, at His clinic.

The doses of elixir may differ,

Some of which might be bitter,

With each dose we march ahead,

To experience the life spread !!




via Daily Prompt: Uneven


Life is a game,

Unevenly poised,

It is always, never the same,

With situations, you cannot avoid.

At times uneven at times odd,

At times, you are toatally stumped,

Googlys and sixers, goals and fouls,

Creating a path, to meet your soul.

Losing a game, you learn,

Winning a game, you yearn,

Either ways you go,

To reach new heights, you grow.

With each game, you come out wiser and strong,

Experience, is your teacher lifelong,

It’s all a game of life and mind,

You learn to move forward, never to look behind.