Emotional Roller Coaster

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Some days, we ride high on our emotions,

We are on the verge of a euphoric intoxication,

Yet some other day, we are stifled,

By our very own thoughts and emotions,

Dragging us on to the point of asphyxiation.

Suffocating thoughts, contaminating the globe,

People suppressing emotions, choking and bringing life to a close,

It’s a violation of rules and almighty’s codes,

We are the ignorant beings, witness to the various fearful roles.

Let us all pledge to observe the basic dictum of humanity,

Let us not abuse or harm one another by acts of cruelty,

Practicing kindness, compassion, affection, warmth and benignity,

Will take us close to love, peace, and amiability !!

Daily Prompt: Bumble

via Daily Prompt: Bumble



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A twinkle of the star,

A sprinkle of raindrops,

A tinkle of laughter,

A gambol of happy feet…

Are meant to be savored and enjoyed.

A bumble of words,

A mumble or a squabble,

A tremble of fear,

And a stumble over a hurdle…

Are meant to be handled with poise.

A sparkle of true love,

A flicker of joy,

A glimmer of hope,

And a jingle of life…

Are to be perceived and treasured.

For life is a mixed bag of emotions,

Enjoy every flavor and march ahead with determination.

Global warming of emotions..

via daily prompt : grit

Grit, courage, resolve, strength are all attributes which are required on a day to day basis. We can see multiple instances of this all around us.

We very frequently torment our Mother Earth with various forms of troubles in the form different types of pollution, deforestation, garbage dumps, global warming to name a few. And I’m sure, it’s not easy for the mother to handle all of this. She definitely needs a lot of grit and resolve to deal with it.

Similarly, we too, in our day to day lives, accumulate a lot of emotional pollution (gossip, being judgemental, greed ),emotional deforestation (cutting down our tree of life by losing our peace, calmness and satisfaction), emotional garbage (frustration, suppressed emotions), and emotional global warming (anger, stress….) to name a few.

It is a given then, that we do need a cosmic, colossal and elephantine load of grit, courage, resolve and strength for our emotional wellness and to carry on with our complicated’ly’ created life !!

The Journey

via Daily Prompt: Filter


Life is a marathon, we keep running.

To achieve goals,

To follow dreams,

Innumerable and untold.


The path, inclined, pitfalls galore,

Ups and downs, bends and curves,

The sprint continues, along any shore.


Feeling depressed, feeling dejected,

In this pursuit, chasing the illusion..

Is this what life is about,

Arises the question.


For each step, towards the goal,

We retract ten back,

Fight back we must,

To continue this journey and reach our goal.


Filter out the depressions and dejections,

That cause you to fall, and fall you must,

But rise, and throw the emotional garbage out of your system,

To provide you the connect to stand tall and face the gust.


A series of rise and fall, is the process,

Pull yourself out of the emotional tussle,

Aim you must, to reach higher and higher,

For sky is the limit, if you can strengthen your emotional muscle.