A creative burst of imagination,

Motivating and inspiring,

Calming and meditative, soothing and relaxing,

The birth of Mandala..


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The heavenly Creations

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Ah, what a creation,
So vibrant, so fragrant,
Healing and refreshing,
Calming, pleasing and soothing..

The creator would be proud of His creation,
Wrapping His blessings and best wishes, one for each emotion,
Happy or sad, love or hate,
Pouring out positive vibrations,
A heavenly creation, with love, for our mortal consumption !!💕💖💕


Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of us all?
All you pink ones are beauties,
You are color of creativity.

You represent the epitome of affection,
You are the very essence of creation,
You are the source of inner peace and harmony,
You bring a source of joy, to girls so many !!

You represent health and happiness,
You are a color of love and tenderness,
You are the creators exceptional pride,
You are beauty and charm personified !!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Says it beautifully, all in all,
Tune in and listen to your inner call,
You are all the most beautiful of them all !!

Beauties from junk..

Beauties created from throwaway junk,

Finds a home in my living room front,

Each time I pass by it and look at it,

A sense of satisfaction prevails,

For breathing life to unusable plastic clump,

Else, they would be lying in a garbage dump.

Upcycled to form a beautiful creation,

Fueled to life by my varied imagination !!


Materials used in the above creation are all waste materials like old shower curtains,cans,newspapers,card boards, pen refills etc.


Gist of life…

via Daily Prompt: Provoke


Creator creates creations,

Creation brings forth life,

Life rolls out situations,

Situations demand contemplation,

Contemplation awakens feelings,

Feelings instigate decisions,

Decisions provoke emotions,

Emotions necessitates action,

Action calls for reaction…

Thus, goes the order of day to day equations,

To sum up the gist of life’s transactions !!

In the court room

via Daily Prompt: Substandard

One day, in the court of God, a case was presented. A case where the entire human race was on a trial, because they were leading a substandard life. A life where there was a breach of contract, a contract with the Almighty, to live with love, peace, kindness and compassion.

The trial begun. The charges against the humans were many, serious and grave.

  • The human beings have no connect with the source, the power within and outside of them.
  • There is total disrespect for each other. Crimes against people, animals are on the rise.
  • The acts of selflessness, love, compassion are things of the past.
  • Life has become all about power, greed, hierarchy.
  • Work, stress, anxiety and tension are in the drivers seat and are steering their life.
  • The beautiful place called earth has been destroyed by causing serious damage to the environment. Melting glaciers, deforestation, pollution all in the name of advancement.
  • Dependency on technology has robbed human life of it’s charm. Heavy use of gadgets takes away valuable time meant for human welfare.
  • Families have been taken for granted. Dinner is in the presence of the huge “idiot box”, mobiles and other videos. Feeding kids is no longer a pleasurable activity for mothers. It is a task to be done for the day.
  • People have become judgemental, always judging and evaluating people and situations, finding faults, playing the blame game, holding on to things.

God was shocked. The humans were my creations. I created them with lot of creativity and passion for them to experience life. They seem to have forgotten that I had filled their heart with love. Their memory of being relaxed, practicing silence and communicating with me, has been erased. They are in a mad rush, caught in a melee and are disturbed. They have slipped to the lowest form of existence.

Being the fountainhead of love, God delivered his verdict, without prejudice. He appointed a jury (group of learned scholars, spiritually advanced souls) to guide the  human beings who have gone astray, to bring them back to the path of love, peace, kindness, moral philosophy, ethical value systems and virtues of fairness and integrity !!

We are all in the path of evolution again…and the journey continues.

Zentangle Creations..

“Zen” in Japanese means meditation & tangle is to entangle. “Zentangle” is a form of meditative art in which, the various patterns are tangled to form a beautiful image. This art is very intuitive, abstract & fun to learn. It involves drawing structured repetitive patterns which leads to the formation of beautiful designs. It increases creativity, focus and brings in a sense of well being and calms down and relaxes the mind.

For me personally, the introduction to zentangle was a chance event. I was always interested in the traditional form of art – drawing, painting, craft and the like. I accidentally happened to come across a post on zentangle in one of the social networking sites, which immediately caught my attention. This led me to do some netsurfing to discover more about this art form. From then on, I have taken to it literally, like a fish to water.

I have since created a few patterns and it gives me a kind of deep relaxation & relieves me from any stress that I may be going through. It calms me down. The feeling, of putting pen on paper and creating something so wonderful is just exhilarating. This art form brings out the creative expression within me & also gives me tremendous satisfaction. On busy days, I literally have to steal time for my newly discovered passion.

I have gifted a few of my zentangle creations to my near and dear ones, and the pleasure I derive from gifting my very own creations, is indeed very satisfying.


Haibun – An artists composition

The melodies of my day, dancing along the happy and the sad keys. Some beautiful memories of fun and frolic playing the happy keys. And, while I am upset and disturbed with the notes of arguments and misunderstandings with my near and dear ones, I am swaying to the tunes of the sad keys. I turn my mode, to one of introspection, to get a blend of harmony into my notes. The musical notes calming my nerves and soothing my anxious energies. Synergy with my energy triggering the artistic passion in me to create and give a beautiful art form to my tangled thoughts.

Patterns and notes,

Blend to perfect harmony,

Lending a thought to my creation,

Oh ! What a perfect combination !!



via Daily Prompt: Abstract


Abstract is undefined,

Abstract is beautiful and infinite,

Abstract is unfinished and unrefined,

Abstract is darkness and light.

Raw and unprocessed thoughts are abstract,

Fear and imagination, the mind and perception,

are all so fluid and abstract,

The flow of life and the science of creation,

Is a piece of  abstract art, by the divine artisan !!