Fear & Courage


Courage is the bridge, which helps us tide over our fears,

It sits in the center, to one side it has fear, and one side lies cheer.

It pushes us to enter the realm of boldness,

It nudges us to let go of the fearfulness,

Self reliance, confidence, trust and faith we build,

It gives us nerves of steel to battle against all grids.

Fear and courage  are the two sides of a coin,

Which we encounter in all walks of life,

Fear challenges us with uncertain situations,

Courage dares us to accept it and inch towards solutions.

Lets not get bogged down by fear,

Lets get on with the offers life brings in and accept it with cheer !!




To the Wonderful Women Of the World…

Scattered like innumerable clouds all over the world,

Painting the beautiful sky with a different azure,

Blooming like beautiful flowers all over the world,

Creating the world with different roles & different hues,

Fighting different battles, losing some, defeated in some,

But I see you as the triumphant and victorious one,

Lessons to learn and courage to muster,

Playing varied roles of daughter, mother, wife & sister,

Oh ! Beautiful women around the world,

I salute you and to the joy of  womanhood !!



Priceless Gems.

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As a kid, mom and dad, you had laid a foundation of priceless gems in me and my siblings. Gems in the form of moral and ethical values, humility, being grateful, faith, adjustments, courage and the like.

Whenever, the wall of my being, cracked in doubt, about  truth or lie, mom and dad, you filled my cracks with the right bit of advice in the form of anecdotes, stories which I could follow and made me strong.

Whenever I cracked  with arrogance and anger you educated me the values of being humble and patient.

When I felt low, you taught me the virtue of being grateful.

When I buckled under pressure and fell, you were there to hold my hand and support me and  get me back on my feet.

Even today, when I falter between right and wrong, I am able to reap the values and benefits of the priceless gems you imbibed in me.

No doubt, I have added a lot to my collection of gems, in the form of different experiences and have learnt a lot in and from life. I am able to add levels very easily, without worrying about a collapse and I can do this as the foundation is strong.

Thank you dear parents, for the strong foundation you laid years ago to help me deal with different load bearing structures in life.

This post is dedicated to my dear parents, with all my love 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Invitation


We are born into nature, and we will merge into nature. This is the rule of the world. As we belong to nature, why not acquire and gain from nature. We could all :

Gaze at the sun and derive positivity,

Look at the moon and derive calmness and serenity.

Observe the twinkling stars and obtain sheen and light,

Take a lesson from the tall trees to get shelter and respite.

Stare at the huge mountains to gain courage and stability,

Feel the magnanimous waterfall to derive flow and vivacity.

Look at the oceans and derive open vastness,

Look at the beautiful flowers to feel peace and freshness.

tulips-1261142__340             img_0293

We all have an open invitation to indulge, to see, feel and obtain in plenty from the abundant mother nature and the universe. It’s all lying out there, we just need to tune in and be :

Receptive to receive,

Borrow from nature to weave,

The qualities, we believe,

Can unlock and retrieve,

Our potential to achieve.

So, we could all renew and relive our life to the maximum…

An open invitation to all, Please do accept.   🙂