Politics..the bitter truth..

via Daily Prompt: Partake

An Acrostic poetry on the game of politics. Though, it may not be correct to brand every politician under this wide umbrella as corrupt, but say, 90-95% of our present day game players would fit in this game.

P : Prime examples of power mongers,

O : Offering a promising future for the country &

L : Lifetime alleviation of problems of the common man,

I : Injecting false hopes and shamelessly begging for votes,

T : Ticking by the clock of elections,

I : Instigating rivalry and hatred based on caste and religion,

C : Compromising the country’s needs and values, and customizing it to suit their needs,

S : Spearheading the blame game sitting in the opposition, when not in power.

The politicians are super experts, who promise to partake in the development of the nation, and then conveniently turn the crankshaft of the internal engine of the nation in order to power their own interests.

Who’s your neighbor

via Daily Prompt: Neighbors





My neighboring flat,

My neighboring house,

My neighboring city,

My neighboring state,

My neighboring country…

But, there’s only one world, one universe.

Here’s where we all meet, much beyond being individuals, countrymen, or being neighbors from neighboring countries…

Here’s where we meet on a common plane, the plane of love and brotherhood, where there’s no difference between individuals, all operate on one energy and one bond !!

Local Universal Center

via daily prompt : Local


The first local circle that I encounter is my home,

Then comes the next circle, that of my apartment,

Then comes my neighborhood,

My city, my state, my country, my world and my universe…

I’m sure, all of us share the same set of local circles, which when expanded, leads to our own universal circles, which makes us merge into the universal center, and our creator. Come all,  lets celebrate and share our oneness and  togetherness !!