Chinese Whispers !!


Children getting thoroughly bored,

Gather together in the lavender household,

Discussion on what to play,

Or just sing and dance and sway.

Dumb charades or skipping,

Chinese whispers or dancing,

Hide and seek or running,

Or just sit down chit chatting…

Choices so many,

Siblings can’t seem to decide on any,

Accidentally standing and whispering words,

They finally played a game of Chinese whispers !!

My own life theories..

  1. You wear whites/light colored clothes, like it or not, you will have to sit some where, where it is dusty or it would rain, or your kid would shower extra love by hugging you after play time with her soiled hands.
  2.  One day, just one day, you feel too tired and don’t clean up your kitchen or the house, you are bound to have guests, making you feel totally embarrassed.
  3. You are in one of your oldest set of clothes, the doorbell rings, you open the door expecting the maid, but turns out to be a guest/neighbor, you are caught off guard.
  4. You try to take a power nap in the afternoon, there will be a call on your phone – which happens  to be the wrong number.
  5. You have a lot of work to be taken care of, you somehow mange to complete it, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, coffee/milk spills and you have the additional work to clean up –’s just not fair….
  6. You are busy with work everyday, unable to partake in your children’s day to day activities, so you promise them that the coming weekend is totally dedicated to them, but alas, an emergency comes up, and rest is history..
  7. You decide to indulge in a beauty treatment/spa for relaxation and you get a call from your kids school – your kid has thrown up and you need to pick him/her up…
  8. The best cake you can bake, kind of goes wrong, when you need to bake it for a special occasion.
  9. You are always on time to board a bus, but the bus is late. One fine day when you are late, the bus is before time and gone.

Do you come across any such situations in your day to day life? Would love to hear about your life theories.



Daily Prompt: Relocate

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From the day I was born and joined my large family of people on this planet, I have grown to be, who I am today. To reach this stage in life, I have had to relocate umpteen times, physically, emotionally, maturity wise, experience wise and otherwise.

From childhood reveries, I had to relocate my base to being a studious student, I quite didn’t fit into it so easily, all the same, that was the only choice available.

Growing up from being a student to a teenager was a different ballgame. Had envisioned the world from the protected environs of home. Never imagined, anything bad or detrimental to people or the world. But slowly things changed..broadening the spheres of imaginations by the happenings and events around the world, got to learn that all is not hunky dory.

Physically and emotionally relocated after marriage, being severed from my home for so many years, was not easy. And I actually did learn that marriage is an institution, which requires me to emotionally relocate my priorities from time to time.

Motherhood, was yet another such instance. The huge responsibility landing on my shoulders, was definitely a stepping stone to my growth. I relocated and relived my life again, along with my children and still continue doing so everyday. I do have my share of disagreements with my kiddos, but I do try to pack my emotional baggage at the end of day, dump it in a trash can and start afresh the next morning, not as effortless as it sounds, but yes, being aware and cleaning up gives a lot of peace. This makes a tiny shift in me each day and I am, actually relocating inch by inch to meet a new “ME” every  day, and am still growing !!

‘Mommy Honk’

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A mothers love is unprecedented. We’ve all heard about the immense love she provides, and the care she takes of her kids and the sacrifices she makes. Whenever, we hear of a woman/mom who has achieved great heights, taking care of dual responsibilities of work and home or that of a multitasker, our hearts swell with pride, for what a woman can achieve.

But, dealing with kids is a different ball game, altogether, where the ‘mama honk‘ starts to blow. (By mama honk, I don’t mean yelling/shouting, but repeating over and over again) It starts right from the time kids need to wake up : It goes, wake up, brush, bathe, drink milk, have breakfast, put on your shoes, Oh, you forgot your apples, hey run you are late…and mind you, mom has to re-honk multiple times, before the task is accomplished 🙂 and phew, hectic mornings !! Once, the child is packed off to school, it’s the turn of the domestic help and ‘Hubby dear’ 🙂

On the drive to work, the task of honking is delegated to the car. At work, it’s the working lady honk, and back home it’s the kids turn again for the evening dose – homework, study, pack your bags, keep the uniforms ready, go to bed……

On holidays, the mama honk works over time as kids are at home and all tasks to be done by kids need to be repeated at least a few times, if not more….Not a wonder then, that moms get to wear the crown of of a multitasker.

But, on a serious note, behind all this, is the love, care and commitment of ‘dear mom’, without whom, our day to day life will come to a stand still. She is the pillar of strength of any family.

We are all used to tolerating honking on the roads. We can definitely, show love, care and concern for our ‘mommy honk’, which is harmless and keeps nudging and pushing us ahead on the road of life !!



A little red juicy fruit,

Tucked away in a corner,

Pouring sweet juicy love,

Ready to be a donor.

Give me more,

Give me some more,

Spouse, parents, children,

All seeking more.

Smiling and serving portions,

Squeezing and pouring every drop,

Secured in place, tied up in bonds,

Overused, and over worked.

But, re energizing and recaptulating ,

Always ready to serve more and more,

Is nothing but, THE MOTHER’S HEART.


A little tribute to all mothers, for their unrelenting, undaunting and ever smiling service.


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There are many relationships in life,

With parents, spouse, children,and friends..

Different people, different purposes,

Different actions, different responses..

Intense love for some, hatred towards some,

Care and concern for some and affection for some.

Hugs and kisses, smiles and frowns,

Sometimes reciprocated, sometimes none.

Sometimes over enthusiastic heartfelt emotions,

Sometimes a very lukewarm welcome.

Indeed, distinctive and complex people are human beings,

Who are unique in their way of being !!



via Daily Prompt: Lovingly


Focus from the center of the crown of your head, set an encompassing radius of what is within your vision and beyond, and gaze lovingly, at everything and everyone around you.

Gaze lovingly at the greenery – they grow,

Provide a loving glance to the elderly and old – they are happy,

Look at  children lovingly – they love,

Look at the fellow beings lovingly – they smile,

Look at the birds and animals lovingly – they respond.

Look at the world and beyond lovingly. It’s the need of the hour. Love as a parent, daughter, son, fellow being. Spread love, cheer, happiness all around. It isn’t difficult, we just need to make a beginning. Lets light the lamp of love – Only Love Today !!

Best Mama Ovation

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The incident occurred a couple of years ago..

I had read some time ago, about a mother playing a fun game with her children. I was intrigued by the game and decided to carry it out in my home. It goes thus..

I asked my little one, to describe mama in three words. (I should admit, I was a bit nervous –it was nothing less than putting my hands into a lions mouth) expecting a barrage of words, which may not be soothing to my ears. But the words she said provided the much needed solace to my heart – Mama is cute, mama is sweet and mama is kind. These words spoken by an innocent 6 year old, came right from the heart and I was thrilled about it.

All is well, so far so good. The real test was to play the game with my elder daughter, a good 14 years old. With bated breath, I asked her, If you had to describe mama in three words, what would they be? Waiting for her response was tough, with all the word battles going on in my little head, the combinations she could use, especially after going through the recent teenage troubles of verbal duels, squabbles, the latest being – don’t lecture me  or give me a break L What if she labels me.???. Putting the little fella inside my brain in silent mode, I waited, and the wait was worth it. Her words tasted like nectar to me. She said, I was caring, loving and cute. She continued doing her work, unaware of the difference she created for me. My hard work of being Mama, for all these years of selfless service, day in and day out had paid off.mother2

My little audience of my two daughters gave me an ovation, which filled my heart.

I would like to give a STANDING OVATION to all mothers in the world, for their tireless, selfless, thankless and whole hearted devotion to their children and family.