Are you providing the right building blocks?

Every child is unique and so is the behavior  displayed by every child, based on the situation.

Every behavior, which a child displays moment by moment, is a result of the tiny brain processing a decision and behaving a certain way. Based on our percussive vibrations and repeated reactions, whether we make him/her right or wrong, the child realizes, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and slowly the behavior becomes a habit and probably goes on to form the nature and personality of the child.

For instance, if a child has fallen down and hurt himself very badly, and the adult who is accompanying the child, yells at him for not being careful. This can and might happen over and over again during the growing up years of the child. When the child becomes old enough to understand, he makes a decision in his mind, it is bad to fall down or fail in any process.

In another instance, a child spills a glass of milk and is berated, shouted upon for not taking care and creating a mess, she decides involuntarily, if I make a mistake, I will be scolded. As she grows, she starts to feel bad and guilty about making mistakes.

Or maybe, the child is laughed at, for a mistake he has made innocently, and the incident is repeatedly told to every member of the house ( it might seem like a harmless joke to the adult members), but the child might develop a fear for a lifetime. He might decide, that if I make a mistake, people will laugh at me.

There could be many such instances, which form or shape the way a child behaves, and builds up his/her nature, and we the people at home are  the ones, who provide the building blocks to them.

So, next time you encounter a mistake of your child, be a responsible adult and choose the building block you wish to provide them.



via Daily Prompt: Someday

Sometimes, I feel I should be a child again. The toothless grins, the innocence, the smiles, the happy go attitude, the ability to throw a tantrum, the fun, the play,the no responsibility age of childhood. Sometimes, I feel…


Sometimes, I think about the future. I shall be doing this, I would have achieved that, the responsibilities, my children would’ve grown up and will be well settled in their chosen fields, their homes, their families. I think I should have achieved all of that and be free of responsibilities. Sometimes, I feel…

I am well sandwiched between the past and the future. The realization moment, then arrives, and I tell myself, this moment is what is yours – do what you can right now. Live it fully, enjoy the little moments with kids, be a kid along with your kids once more, and grow up with them once more. Look at your parents, hold their hands to make their journey comfortable, right now. Take moments and situations as they come, and things which are rough, shall soon settle down, and things which are favorable, enjoy them – fully.


Maybe, someday, I will not be sandwiched between past and the future, and  I will get the right balance, to be a kid, to be a parent, and be a daughter and wife with ease, and to enjoy every moment at present.





Picture courtesy : Pixabay