Zentangle Creations..

“Zen” in Japanese means meditation & tangle is to entangle. “Zentangle” is a form of meditative art in which, the various patterns are tangled to form a beautiful image. This art is very intuitive, abstract & fun to learn. It involves drawing structured repetitive patterns which leads to the formation of beautiful designs. It increases creativity, focus and brings in a sense of well being and calms down and relaxes the mind.

For me personally, the introduction to zentangle was a chance event. I was always interested in the traditional form of art – drawing, painting, craft and the like. I accidentally happened to come across a post on zentangle in one of the social networking sites, which immediately caught my attention. This led me to do some netsurfing to discover more about this art form. From then on, I have taken to it literally, like a fish to water.

I have since created a few patterns and it gives me a kind of deep relaxation & relieves me from any stress that I may be going through. It calms me down. The feeling, of putting pen on paper and creating something so wonderful is just exhilarating. This art form brings out the creative expression within me & also gives me tremendous satisfaction. On busy days, I literally have to steal time for my newly discovered passion.

I have gifted a few of my zentangle creations to my near and dear ones, and the pleasure I derive from gifting my very own creations, is indeed very satisfying.




via Daily Prompt: Craft


I am a soul, showcased in a body.

I have been given a name, and am identified with this name.

I perform actions, which is a life game.

But alas, my soul does not seem satisfied,

Each time it takes me on a different ride.

Experiences, it gains, creating different casts,

Filling in vibrant colors in various arts.

It keeps playing different games,

To fit into life’s different frames.

It creates unique pieces, with all my experiences,

Which I cannot fathom using in this world,

But can only take it with me in my final abode,

To decorate and ornate my new home,

With the piece of craft created,

With my memories on it, etched.




Pic courtesy : Pixabay.com