Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of us all?
All you pink ones are beauties,
You are color of creativity.

You represent the epitome of affection,
You are the very essence of creation,
You are the source of inner peace and harmony,
You bring a source of joy, to girls so many !!

You represent health and happiness,
You are a color of love and tenderness,
You are the creators exceptional pride,
You are beauty and charm personified !!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Says it beautifully, all in all,
Tune in and listen to your inner call,
You are all the most beautiful of them all !!


Parental Love..


A parental umbrella of protection,
Displayed to portray their shower of affection,
To shield their little one from layers of destruction,
Lo and behold, the shower of love and affection,                                                                   A spectacle of beautiful admiration !!

A tribute to all parents who nurture and try their best to protect and shield their little ones from difficulties and diversities of life, often going unnoticed. A salute to their selfless service.

Fragile, handle with care..


This side up, handle with care.We often see this marked on boxes with fragile items.

Ladies do not want too many glass jars in the kitchen for the fear of breaking the jars, and cleaning up after the job is done.

I often think to myself, glass jars broken can be thrown, replaced, what about a breaking heart of a little child, or a fellow being?

I wonder, would our interaction with other fellow beings been different, had our creator marked us with fragile, handle with care!!!

When we step into this world, our mind – our thoughts are programmed by our creator to be pure, innocent and fragile. It is to be handled with care, and it is, till such time when we start to understand the ways of the people around us, and the ways of the world. We shape the fragile child’s innocence to the hard ways of the world. The raw material, the clean slate of the child starts getting filled up. It is put through the mill. It goes through the grind, the cycles of emotions, the ups and downs of becoming a finished product – getting ready to face the world, preparing to take on any sort of rough and crude handling, for the label of fragile, handle with care is missing …

Not to say, that these emotions, these processes that the child begins to go through could be done with, but,

If only, we could be a little more gentle, loving and caring with our children,

If only, we could treat every human being with compassion …

If only, we could treat every living being on the earth with love and affection..

If only, we could embrace mother earth with peace and prosperity…

If only, we could work with a SMILE..

If only, we could have the tags or labels of FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE…

The world would have been a much better place to live in!!


Image courtesy : 123rf.com