The cowherd…

Krishna rose

In the gardens of Vrindavan,
The red roses symbolizing the adorable cowherd,
Surrounded by the mesmerizing Gopikas in pinks and whites,
Singing, dancing, playing and shining bright,
Chiding and hiding, expressing and pronouncing,
The eternal love for their beloved Lord,
Aspiring and anticipating to receive His reward !!



A figment of my imagination for the pictures sent by my aunt, which act as a daily prompt for me. Hope you enjoy the flower series !


The Invitation…














A cluster of family members,
Standing tall, with head held high,
Their heart swells with joy and pride,
As they see their daughter dressed as a bride !!
The color of hope and sunshine,
Inviting love and blessings divine,
The bright fresh yellow roses, beckon,
Extending a warm and cordial welcome !!

Parental Love..


A parental umbrella of protection,
Displayed to portray their shower of affection,
To shield their little one from layers of destruction,
Lo and behold, the shower of love and affection,                                                                   A spectacle of beautiful admiration !!

A tribute to all parents who nurture and try their best to protect and shield their little ones from difficulties and diversities of life, often going unnoticed. A salute to their selfless service.




Innocent like a little baby,

Attractive like a little sequin,

Resplendent like a magnificent ruby,

Elegant like a beautiful queen.

Oh roses ! You match the traits of a majestic warrior,

Bunched together, you are an ambassador of best wishes and peace,

You transcend all religions and cross barriers with ease,

You are sublimity personified at His feet !!