A sheet of paper
And a pen,
Is all, one needs,
To tell
A story, a tale,
A poem or a fable.

It goes through numerous emotions,
And plenty of iterations,

Crumpled, torn, thrown into the bin,
It complains to none,
Goes through the process, which has begun.

The paper surrenders
To the pen holder,
The maker, the creator..
Oblivious of what would emerge…

A creation unfolds,
A tale is told,
A pattern is designed,
Words flow, designs glow…

A medium of expression,
A mode of presentation,
A canvas to an artists creation,
A peek into the writers imagination…

If the paper had inhibitions
And lacked the courage to surrender,
We wouldn’t be able to read the bestsellers,
We couldn’t have become ardent art lovers..

Let’s learn our lessons from a simple paper,
With folded hands and trust, let’s surrender,
To our maker,  to our creator!!

– Deepika

Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All Rights Reserved


13 thoughts on “Paper..

  1. Let us be like the simple paper that never raises its voice nor says anything but is of so much help to us. Today we can do anything with it, write books, verses, stories and what not. Yes Deepika the paper is like our God. Let us pledge to thank him for a beautiful life and surrender to Him in Love and Kindness. Superb poem. Too good.

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  2. what a powerful, yet humble message your paper has conveyed!

    you have so beautifully conveyed the very core of humans efforts to reach the ultimate realisation in the path to reach the goal. You have portrayed the disappointments, the frustrations, the stumbling blocks, and finally the reaching the destination .The humble paper tells its tale ………when you finally bring it out your message so sincerely ….”Let’s learn our lessons from a simple paper,
    With folded hands and trust, let’s surrender
    To our maker, to our creator!! ”

    A power packed message, Deepika, brought out…. ,channeled though the “humble paper.”

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    1. Your thoughts are so deep, the way you have crowned it, brings out a new dimension to my humble attempt…
      Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. Your words of appreciation keep me going.πŸ™πŸ˜‡


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