Multitasking Moms….

Ic : Shutterstock/Google

For a baby, who comes without a user manual,
Born to an inexperienced mom, whose learning is gradual,
From soothing the tiny tot from her random sobs,
In between the various and numerous other jobs.
‘The Mother’ dons the hat of multiple professionals,
A mom, a teacher, a mentor and caretaker,
A chef, a nurse, a doctor, counsellor and a driver,
The list could be never ending,
Depending on which need of the baby, she is attending. πŸ˜„
Need to mention the assistance from dad, the real superhero,
Who provides the right advice and becomes a pro,
Needless to say, bringing up baby doesn’t come easy,
It definitely takes a toll on parents, and at times, does make them uneasy !!😁


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All rights reserved

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