Happy Diwali..

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Deepawali, a festival of lights,
Comes into your home, shining bright,
Ushers in with happiness and cheer,
Fills you life with goodness, in every sphere.
A wish, the festival brings in love and forgiveness,
Extinguishes hatred and dispels darkness,
Brings in prosperity, served on its plate,
Arrives with positivity at your gate.

Have a safe and colourful Diwali !!


Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved

24 thoughts on “Happy Diwali..

    1. Hi
      It’s a beautiful poem. I could relate to it…From life’s perspective..
      We are all on a journey on the hidden road, as surprises unknown, spring upon us..We tread and follow a path full of bends and curves, knowing not the plan, watching astonished, when the screens are opened. A very nice take on the painting. Loved it !!
      – Deepika


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