Tug of war..

Age insists, on calling me a grown-up, an adult,
Age warns me, that I am experienced and need to adjust,
But deep within, I want to be a child again,
I want another chance to experience childhood and learn again.

Motherly duties, familial requirements, expect me to conduct myself,
The little ‘me’ within, calls on to me, to be my tiny self,
How I miss my days of carefree childhood,
The present day, places demands, in my many phases of adulthood.

How I played many games as doctors, teachers, vegetable vendors and parents,
Little did I understand, what was it’s true essence,
Today, as I work and run numerous errands,

The little child in me,places a demand to recognize it’s presence.

As a little kid, I wanted to grow up and be mama,
As a grown up, I want to be a kid, so unfolds the cyclic drama,
I play the game of life, I ‘hide’, I ‘seek’,
Wherever, whatever,and who ever I am,

I am what I speak and am truly unique !!


Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved

26 thoughts on “Tug of war..

  1. Those nostalgic childhood days..!

    Our heart always needs what we wouldn’t have.
    As a kid , we feel that mom’s job is so easy, no study, no curfew time and no scoldings.
    As a mom, we realize that those childhood days the were golden years of our life.
    Title of your post is apt!!

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