Meditation with a Pen…

Mandala Art.jpg

Meditation is silence,

Silence is within..

From within, erupts a beautiful fountain,

When the mind is silent and the pen speaks !!


Happy to share this creation from one of my meditative states…



Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved.



16 thoughts on “Meditation with a Pen…

  1. Manoj

    Beautiful blog.

    Hope you take criticism too. πŸ™‚

    Meditation is also about letting go, letting go of the ‘I’, letting go of the ‘self’. Writing your name digitally on the meditation/mandala defeats that purpose.

    Would love to hear your perspective.

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    1. Thanks for your appreciation and feedback, Manoj.
      I too agree, meditation is letting go off the I..
      Meditation is a step towards achieving the same. I have begun my journey, and hopefully will be able to reach a stage where I can let go of the’I’.. totally..

      Writing the name here, is solely intended to protect my work in the digital world.


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