My own life theories..

  1. You wear whites/light colored clothes, like it or not, you will have to sit some where, where it is dusty or it would rain, or your kid would shower extra love by hugging you after play time with her soiled hands.
  2.  One day, just one day, you feel too tired and don’t clean up your kitchen or the house, you are bound to have guests, making you feel totally embarrassed.
  3. You are in one of your oldest set of clothes, the doorbell rings, you open the door expecting the maid, but turns out to be a guest/neighbor, you are caught off guard.
  4. You try to take a power nap in the afternoon, there will be a call on your phone – which happens  to be the wrong number.
  5. You have a lot of work to be taken care of, you somehow mange to complete it, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, coffee/milk spills and you have the additional work to clean up –’s just not fair….
  6. You are busy with work everyday, unable to partake in your children’s day to day activities, so you promise them that the coming weekend is totally dedicated to them, but alas, an emergency comes up, and rest is history..
  7. You decide to indulge in a beauty treatment/spa for relaxation and you get a call from your kids school – your kid has thrown up and you need to pick him/her up…
  8. The best cake you can bake, kind of goes wrong, when you need to bake it for a special occasion.
  9. You are always on time to board a bus, but the bus is late. One fine day when you are late, the bus is before time and gone.

Do you come across any such situations in your day to day life? Would love to hear about your life theories.




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