Smart phone to the ‘rescue’


For once, I happen to be on the other side of the grass.  After coming across various posts, articles and many write ups on the downside of smart phones, having promoted a year long initiative of being ‘hands free’, & ‘phone free’ on  Sundays, trying to convey to people, how phones actually disrupts our lives, gets us addicted, I did actually see a ‘smart’ positive side to the smart phone.

It’s a given that we all own a smart phone and it has become an integral part of our lives. It’s something like quick sand and like it or not, we are stuck half way down there getting pulled by apps for everything. Can’t live with it, and can’t live without it either.

The other day, when I was conversing with my teenage daughter, who was under the pressure of various examinations, she just flared up like a volcano for no obvious reason. Of course, I felt bad, but luckily, I walked out of the room without confronting her.

With a little contemplative, heavy and thought laden brain, I just picked up my ‘smart’ phone, texted to her what I actually wanted to converse with her. Chatted through the ‘smart guy’ mediating our talks, resolved the issue and had a peaceful night sleep.

I couldn’t thank the smart fella enough for coming to my rescue and easing out the situation.

Any such experiences with you guys? Do text them !!


22 thoughts on “Smart phone to the ‘rescue’

  1. Have been hacked (also here on WordPress) a few weeks ago, now not using my former smartphone anymore in the time being as I have to change it and still waiting for a SIM-card by another provider. No problem to live without a smartphone, just like it used to be in the past for very long time. In general digital possibilites are quite overvalued and imply also risks too often ignored.

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  2. That’s super, Deepika! At least this Generation give a ear when the smart guy is the mediator 😉
    Once when we had guests and I had to convey something to the husband, I sent a message to his phone and the problem was taken care of without the knowledge of anyone around us at the cost of a single Whatsapp message. Oh sure, the digital world has its pluses too, WordPress being a big one!

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  4. You’re right. Smartphones – can’t live with them, can’t live without them either. And while there are several problems with this lifestyle, there are bonuses too. Like the one you just mentioned. And like me finding a way through google maps when I feared I was lost in a new area 😀

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